Trade idea

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Trade idea

Bargs, Lowry for Rondo, Melo and Barbosa.

Toronto is doing better but way to many games out, maybe the worst contract in the league. Rondo won't allow Gay and Derozan to take a bunch of bad one on one shots. This brings them back another developmental big which would be useful because Jonas was banged up a lot this year.

Boston gets an extremely efficient point guard back that will help them be a real threat in the playoffs and some size, I admit some soft size, but size and a shooting stroke in Bargs. Ainge wanted Green so we know he likes soft size. Bargs would add something different while on the court with KG, so instead of Bass 16 footers they could really stretch the D with Bargs 3 pointers.

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This might be one of the

This might be one of the worst trades I've seen in a long time.

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KG would eat Bargs alive

KG would eat Bargs alive

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The Celtics give up Rondo and

The Celtics give up Rondo and get Bargs and Lowry in return?

If the Raptors threw in a first round pick and Demar DeRozan then it might make sense.

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I can't believe you posted

I can't believe you posted this omg this wouldn't happen this year, next year, or the next year after the next.

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