Trade deadline winners and loser

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Trade deadline winners and loser

Which teams made themselves better and/or made positive strides toward their goals? Which players will benefit the most from the change of scenery? What do these moves imply about the teams and players involved? Here's my take on a few

I love Elfrid Payton going to the Suns bc of his fit and the change of scenery to potentially help spark his career. I like Mudiay going to NY for the same reason but worry he's in a similar position with Frank as he was with Jamal Murray.

LA made positive moves for their future and are now poised to be key players in free agency 2018 after reports were surfacing that their focus had shifted to 2019. The rumors about them pursuing Chriss had me a little excited but that never came to fruition, unfortunately IMO.

The Cavs did a great job, IMO, by getting bigger and more athletic on the wing for the short term while also adding several young players which could benefit in the long term if Lebron leave and really even if he stays. I think George Hill will have the biggest immediate impact but all the players they received should make an impact.

what does the forum think? My laptops down and posting from my ipad sucks or I'd go on

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I agree with your picks. Although the Laker one could go either way. They are winners if they end up getting a guy in FA. They are slightly losers if it pans into nothing like last year.

Some moves that could become winners are Harris to Denver and Wade back to Miami.

I think we expected Denver to get a higher profile point guard as that has been their weakest position, but I think the low buy on the veteran Harris could serve them well. He's also expiring, which helps them financially as they already have a ton of money tied up in guys.

Wade to Miami is a nostalgic move, but I think it actually helps them in the season too. They have injuries at the 2 spot (Waiters, Ellington) and have had to rely on Johnson (playing poorly). Will be nice seeing Wade in a Heat jersey in the playoffs. Will be a cool matchup if they get to play the Cavs.

There weren't any huge losers, but the one who came out with the least is probably Utah. They gave up Hood (weren't going to sign him after the year) and Johnson (expiring contract) for Crowder (Rose has been waived). Is it better having Crowder than Hood and Johnson to make a playoff push? I doubt it. Is it better to have Crowder than a couple expiring contracts for the futre? I doubt it.

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Pistons to me are winners.

Pistons to me are winners. Getting Blake Griffin was huge for them and now they're 5-0 since and getting James Ennis and Jameer Nelson certainly helps their depth especially at the wings. Heat getting back Wade and Babbitt should help them since the Heat have injuries all over the roster.

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Rashad Vaughn - He went from

Rashad Vaughn -

He went from getting zero minutes with the bucks, then got traded to a loaded backcourt in brooklyn. Now he gets to go to New Orleans and will be give plenty of opportunity.

ORLANDO MAGIC - they keep making bad desicions - one of the worst run franchises

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Winner -Portland

Portland got under the tax by sending Noah Vonleh to Chicago. He should pick up some of the minutes that Nikola had.

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The Pistons and Drummond in

The Pistons and Drummond in particular have been on fire since Griffin went there. Blake is putting up good members but his presence and balling handling seem the ideal foil to get the best our of Drummond.

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