Also the Nuggets are apart of the trade, but the espn trade machine didn't let me paste a link for the full 4 team tade.

Want some thoughts and opinions:

Bulls get: Dwight Howard, Dorell Wright, Louis Amundson, and 1.2 mil trade exception

Warriors get: Taj Gibson, Luol Deng, Cj Watson, and Nuggets 2012 2nd round pick, and future Magic 2nd round pick

Magic get: Joah-Kim Noah, Ekpe Udoh, 2012 Bobcats pick (courtsey of Bulls), the rights to Nikola Mirotic (young player on real madrid, who was voted 2011 uprising star, and will be in the NBA in 2 years, 6'10 shooter, comparison to KD, also courtesy of Bulls) 2012 Warriors and 2012 Bulls first round picks (very deep 2012 draft class) 11 million dollar trade exception from Nuggets (Carmelo trade)

Nuggets Get: Hedo Turkoglu (amnesty his ass) Future Bulls 1st round pick

Warriors starting lineup, assuming they get Deandre Jordan or Nene

PG: Stephen Curry/ Cj Watson

SG: Monta Ellis/ Klay Thompson

SF: Luol Deng/ Klay Thompson

PF: David Lee/ Taj Gibson

C: Nene or DeAndre/ Andries Bierdins

Magic Starting lineup

PG Jameer Nelson/ Chris Duhon

SG Jason Richardson/ JJ Reddick

SF Ryan Anderson/ Q-Rich

PF Ekpe Udoh/ Glen Davis

C Joah-Kim Noah/ Glen Davis

Bulls Starting Lineup

PG Derrick Rose/ Janero Pargo or sign vet PG like Arenas

SG Richard Hamilton/ Dorell Wright (6th man)/ Jimmy Butler

SF Ronnie Brewer (Starts because Thibs loves D n to guard LeBron)/ Dorell Wright/ Jimmy Butler

PF Carlos Boozer/ Louis Amundson/ Kurt Thomas

C Dwight Howard/ Omer Asik/ Kurt Thomas

The Magic get a whole lot of future assets, in a high future pick with the bobcats pick, and picks from warriors and bulls in 2012, and also a big trade exception. Get Joah-kim Noah, a top 5 center and will probably progress to become a top 3 center at least. And also get the rights to Nikola Miortic who has a ton of upside. And get Udoh former 6th overall pick and is still developing and has some good potential. Magic team doesnt look to good, so they'll also prob get rid of J-Rich and Nelson and bomb the season and will end up with a high draft pick. Get all that for just Howard. Also they get rid of Turkoglu ridiculous contract. So they'll have 4 2012 1st round picks, with just this trade. They'll have a lottery 2012 pick, a early 20's pick from the warriors, a late first round pick in the Bulls, and will wait to use the bobcats pick until Jabari Parker comes out, (rated number one JR high school player in the nation, and is considered to have the potential to be the in the class of, Kobe, Lebron, Durant, Wade, and Drose are in now.)

Nuggets just lose 11 million trade exception and 2nd round pick, and get a future 1st round pick from the bulls, for making the trade work and getting Tukoglu (who will be amnesty anyway)

Bulls get franchise Center and by far the best center in the league, in Dwight Howard. Also get offensive-minded and 3pt shooting Dorell Wright, and defensive/hustle big in Amundson. and a million dollar trade exception. D-Rose gets a great shooter in Wright and gets a little pressure off him by gettin Dwight. Though, they give up a lot, Deng, Mirotic, Noah, Gibson, Watson, 2 first round picks, and Bobcats pick.

Warriors get young and best Power Forward reserve in the league and one of the best defenders in the league Taj Gibson, and could start on multiple teams which makes David Lee expendable, if they choose. Defensive stud, which the Warriors need and 18-20 ppg forward, in Deng. Which is an upgrade to Wright. A fast-paced and scoring Pg and solid back-up in Cj Watson. Also get 2012 second round pick from nuggets (Which is a deep class) and the Magic's pick will probably be an early 2013 2nd round pick. Team is well balanced they have the offense and the defense to definatley make the playoffs and probably the 2nd round. Also the warriors could definatley pull a trade off for Paul if he is willing to sign an extension. So if they indeed get Paul, Imagine a line-up of Paul, Ellis, Deng, Lee, Nene.

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