Tracy McGrady Turns Ball Over, Loses CBA Debut

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Tracy McGrady Turns Ball Over, Loses CBA Debut

The crowd roared every time Tracy McGrady touched the ball. Making his Chinese Basketball Association debut over the weekend, the two-time NBA scoring champ recalled memories of his days with the Rockets, with Yao Ming as his running mate. T-Mac dropped a cool 34 (14-22, 3-6 from range) and added 8 boards and 9 assists. He led his team back from a 12-point deficit leading into the fourth quarter, and got the ball in isolation with a chance to win it, but committed a shocking turnover (only his second of the contest). To cap off the heartbreaker, Sundiata Gaines drained a three-pointer with no time left.

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He had a great game. The game

He had a great game. The game didn't come down to one turnover. He led them to that situation. Would they have been able to be in a spot to win it without McGrady? I doubt it. It's only his first game as well.

That's what we are supposed to say right? Lol

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Lolol were those pink and

Lolol were those pink and blue things that ran out on the court the mascots?

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Chinese basketball is funny

Chinese basketball is funny with there only one black guy on the court per team rule lolllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

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