Top wings in NBA 21 or younger

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Top wings in NBA 21 or younger

Right now there is a lot to be excited about for the future of the NBA wing. These 7 players are all age 21 or younger and have shown they can all be all-stars. How would you rank these 7 players for the expected career? Any other elite wings under 21 that will compete with these guys that I missed?

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  1. Ben Simmons - I know he has played PG but is the closest think we have seen to Lebron and expect to be a 10x all-star and MVP candidate.
  2. Devin Booker - Will be the best scorer of the group and 7-10x all-star. Top SG in the league for a 5+ year stretch. Hard to believe he has already played 3 seasons and will still be 21 when next season starts.
  3. Jayson Tatum - Watching this guy all season has been amazing. He plays well beyond his years and will be in discussion for top SF’s for the next 10 years. More athletic Paul Pierce, which is scary.
  4. Donovan Mitchell - Played out of his mind this season. I think he is the closest to his ceiling out of this group but can see him being a 5-7 year all-star on an average team.
  5. Jaylen Brown - Has all the tools to be a multiple time all-star but has a lot of growing to do. May not have the opportunity to ever be a number 1 option playing with Tatum but will be one hell of a sidekick.
  6. Josh Jackson - Similar position as Jaylen Brown but not as polished having only played one year. I don’t think he will ever be a #1 option on an elite team but has the potential to be a Paul George/Jimmy Butler type if he puts in the work on his jumper. Will be a great long term fit next to Booker.
  7. Brandon Ingram - Still only 20 and has shown a lot of growth. I am not the biggest fan but he still has a lot of potential to grow into an all-star level player.

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Good list but I think Donovan

Good list but I think Donovan Mitchell will be a 10x all-star and future NBA champion

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I am glad you didn't put

I am glad you didn't put stanley johnson in. I thought mitchell would be more pg/sg rather than playing SF.

I would take Ingram and Josh Jackson over Jaylen Brown as they will both improve.

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Simmons is NOT a wing despite

Simmons is NOT a wing despite a Lebron conparison. And Tatum should be tops of this list for years.

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When I think of a wing, I

When I think of a wing, I think of two-way players. Booker is a lead guard like James harden. Same with Mitchell

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Bro luv the thinking but D-Mitch, D-Book & Ben Scrizzle

are Not Wings

Spida Mitchell & D Boogie are Shooting Guards - perenial All Star 2 / Guards

And Ben Salt Water Croc Simmons is a Point Guard - also perrenial All Star

Brown & Tatum look special - Jackson will be a Stud b/c of his Defense, transition game & freak athleticism & Ingram will be good too

I'd expand the Age to 24 & younger that way you don't have to add Guards to fill out the List

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