Top Shooting Guards for 2011

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Top Shooting Guards for 2011

Here are some guys that I've been watching how could make a impact for a NBA team especially the Chicago Bulls. Will Barton-Memphis Reggie Bullock-UNC John Jenkins-Vanderbilt Iman Shumpert- GA Tech Jordan Hamilton-Texas Durrell Summer-Michigan St Jimmy Butler-Marquette Maurice Creek- Indiana Ramone Moore-Temple Jeremy Green- Stanford Corey Higgins-Colorado Steve Gray-Gonzaga Trevon Willis-UNLV William Buford-Ohio St. Darius Morris-Michigan Marshon Brooks-Providence Malcolm Lee-UCLA Scottie Hopson-Tennessee Justin Holiday-Washington Brad Wanamaker-Pittsburgh

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reggie bullock

Is not ready for the NBA. I don't know if you regard Barnes as a sg, but he has a much higher ceiling than Bullock.

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The top 2 SG's that I can see

The top 2 SG's that I can see in your list are Jordan Hamilton and William Buford. Either one would be great for Chicago, Utah or New Orleans (all 3 teams need a SG badly.)

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Hamilton is

Hamilton is the No1 shooting guard hands down after him its up in the air.

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Marshon Brooks

I personally think Marshon Brooks might be the best SG in the draft. Hes averaging over 20 points a game in the big east for Providence. He does so many things well and has a lot of Kobe Bryant to his game (obviously im not saying he is/will ever be as good as Kobe was/is). Marshon has great size for NBA SG's, is a great shooter, rebounds, and gets to the line really well.

I bet a ton of people havent heard about him but hes one of/if not the best SG in this class. I hadnt heard of him until he lit up my Louisville Cardinals for 27 points last week. He might be the best scorer in the nation besides Jimmer.

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1.Burks 2.Hamilton 3.Buford 4






That's my top five draft wise. College productivity wise it's probably:

1.Nolan S.





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I'm not real high on Bullock

I'm not real high on Bullock or Gray. Bullock hasn't shown consistency and Gray doesn't have the athleticism.

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Will Barton is a guy with

Will Barton is a guy with some upside, but he should stick around another year. He'd get flat out manhandled in the NBA at his current size. He should hit the weights, stay another year in college and get drafted a lot higher in 012 than he would this year.

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This could actually be a good

This could actually be a good year for Barton to declare; it's a relatively weak draft, especially at the SG position and he might be taken by a team that could actually use him if he falls out of the lottery; Chicago, NOH etc. Sure, he'll be stuck in the old rookie scale, and will likely be an unproductive rookie, but he can devote a lot more time to perfecting his game and body in the pros than while being a student-athlete in college.

He's my favourite SG from the current freshman group; Hamilton is the best in college overall at the moment in my opinion.

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