Top prospect mock draft

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Top prospect mock draft

As prospects coming into the draft (and not how they actually ended up) do a mock draft of the top 3 prospects from the last 4 drafts and this years assumed top 3 (BMac, Noel, Porter. I'll get the ball rolling. It'll be difficult to not be biased based on how you know some of them turned out, but try to think back of your opinion on the players at the time of their respective drafts.

1. Griffin - Bigman with #1 scoring potential, and amazing athleticism. Obviously doesn't come around often
2. Irving - Such a well rounded and skilful PG, was almost guaranteed to be a franchise PG
3. Wall - difficulty shooting and played a bit out of control in Kentucky at times, but did a lot of things really well
4. Davis - After dominating the tourney his upside so high due to his defensive potential and budding offensive skills
5. Harden - Was probably a better prospect then Thabeet, but Memphis was still high on Mayo. Great all round skills.
6. Turner - a step under Harden, because his lack of shooting, but looked like a good #1 or 2 offensive option.
7. Thabeet - tagged as a game changer on defence, was raw, but had the potential to develop.
8. Beal - gets the edge on Bmac, as the size difference isn't much, but Beal showed more ability to create for himself, pass and rebound.
9. Bmac - great shot and explosive, not much in between
10. Noel - compared to Davis, but skinnier, less skilled offensively, and no one really likes this ACL business
11, Kanter - so many question marks around him not playing a single college game, but everyone knew the potential, and had a solid skill base.
12. Porter - fantastic all round player, but likely won't be a dominant scorer, the thing you want from a top wing player
13. Favours - the potential was huge with his size and athleticism. Very raw at the time.
14. Gilchrest - Charlotte loved the intangibles, but it's very clear he's the least skilled wing player on the list
15. Dwill - big tweener, Minny thought he could play the 3. Didn't quite have the skills of Griffin or the size/athleticsm of the other bigs to stand out

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Don't understand why you have

Don't understand why you have Thabeet in it?

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Because hes listing the top 3

Because hes listing the top 3 selections from the past 4 drafts and this years projected top 3

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1. James Harden - Top 5

1. James Harden - Top 5 shooting guard in the NBA today. OKC made a huge mistake by trading him. The Rockets have a dynasty in the making now.

2. Blake Griffin - Not a big fan of him, but you can't deny his talent and athleticism.

3. Kyrie Irving - True point guard with amazing ball handling skills and fantastic shooting stroke. You can't ask more out of your point guard.

4. Derrick Favors - Very underrated. If I was Utah, I would build around him. Will start getting more minutes now that Big Al and Millsap are free agents. If they manage to get Burke or Shroeder, watch out!

5. John Wall - On paper, he should be dominating the league. The problem is, he doesn't have a jumper! He is not a point guard and won't be any time soon.

6. Anthony Davis - I really like his potential. Showed flashes during the season but was marred by injuries. He'll turn it around and will get the Hornets into the playoffs in a year or two.

7. Evan Turner - Turner is alright but nothing special. He'll get crazy offers during free agency. Someone is gonna overpay badly and will regret it.

8. Bradley Beal - Good role player but not a star. You should be getting more out of your top 5 pick.

9. Michael Gilchrist - The Bobcats could've done better. Thomas Robinson should've been the pick even though he struggled in the dysfunctional Sacramento team.

10. Derrick Williams - Talk about bad picks, the wolves really messed up. They should get rid of this tweener, belongs in the D-League. Not really, but definetly not a top 10 guy.

11. Enes Kanter - I don't know why he's still in the NBA.

12. Thabeet - Worst top 2 selection in the history.

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" Enes Kanter - I don't know

" Enes Kanter - I don't know why he's still in the NBA." I just lost all respect for you as a poster.

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Your list isn't terrible, but your reasoning and analysis is questionable for some of these players. I mean saying that John Wall isn't a true PG, when a lot of people myself included feel he has better distribution skills than Kyrie Irving who you proclaim to be a true PG. Beal could easily be an all star in a few years the way he was catching on at the end of the season. I"ll take MKG over T Rob any day, that's just me though... maybe some others too.

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