Top asset at the end of his rookie contract

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Top asset at the end of his rookie contract

Of players projected to go outside the 1st round, who has the best chance to be a major salary cap asset for a team at the end of his rookie contract? Who do you think they favorably comp to? I slacked of watching ball this past season, so I don't have a guy of my own. I wanted to pose the question to get educated.

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So are we talking about best

So are we talking about best talent likely to go second round? I guess you would need to consider some stashed euro as they will likely continue to play while a local would need to crack regular NBA minutes, difficult for a second round pick. With that i mind, ill say Isaac Bonga. In saying that, its a straight guess and I think its worth noting we'd all be doing something else if we could accurately predict which second rounders would pan out.

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Believe the possibility or

Believe the possibility or not, but Trevon Duval comes to mind instantly if his jumper improves.

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Jared Vanderbilt

Jared Vanderbilt

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To me, it's Legarald Vick. He

To me, it's Legarald Vick. He played a weird position in college where he roamed up and down the high post. But I think he'll be a shooting guard in the NBA. When he's in the open court he's at his best... good handles. Reminds me a bit of Tyreke Evans with a 3 point jumper of Tim Hardaway, Jr. No idea how he'll do on defense as I'm not sure if he's a mental midget or not.

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Makes zero sense

You mean who would have been a major salary cap asset? You can't be an asset at the end of your deal, not Rookie level deals. The new CBA limits sign and trades. You'd have to be under the cap.

So you want to know which second round pick will provide the most value? That question is almost impossible to answer in this draft. We have almost zero clue who will go late first or early second. After like the top 15 players, the guys could go 16 or 45. So you really can't answer that till we know who goes in the second round. Then it would most likely come down to the players that sign 4 year deals, over the basic two year deals. Those guys will most likely give you the best value. Best guess right now, guys like Duval. Players that are young, but raw, yet have massive upsides. This draft could have a bunch of them in the second round.

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