Top 5 Pick: What do you Expect?

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Top 5 Pick: What do you Expect?

From a production standpoint. Are these guy's considered good or bad Picks. Looking back @ a few drafts & their production so far.

2006 A.Barani could max out @ 20ppg as a 2nd option in Toronto.

#2 LA Could max out as a 20ppg 7-10rebs. As a solid bigman 2/3rd option

The only other significant player from that class is R.Gay. I think he will have the best career. with avg of 22ppg 6rebs

2007 Draft: GOden if healthy could be a double double guy say 12ppg/10rebs. I think i would want more out of my #1 pick than this average.

KD This is the type of production i expect out of a High Daft pick. Between 25-30ppg & 6-7rebs. Not saying every Top 5 pick should be this effective but @ least be in the top 10 for your position.

3rd A.Horford Solid Anchor type of Big. Solid 13ppg/10rebs so far in career, don't see these # going up. But he is consistent has missed only like 4-6 games since he's been in the L.

MConley was selected 4th in this draft & he has not lived up to being selected this high. They could have put JNoah in Memphis to do dirty work & grow with RGay.

So i know some drafts will not net a SuperStar. But what kind of Production do you project these next guy's getting

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