Top 20 NBA Players

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Top 20 NBA Players

These rankings is based on how I see them playing this year, overall skills, intangibles, and what role the player have on his respective team.

1.) LeBron James
2.) Kevin Durant
3.) Anthony Davis
4.) Russell Westbrook
5.) James Harden
6.) Stephen Curry
7.) Chris Paul
8.) Blake Griffin
9.) LaMarcus Aldridge
10.) Dwight Howard
11.) Kawhi Leonard
12.) John Wall
13.) Demarcus Cousins
14.) Marc Gasol
15.) Paul George
16.) Carmelo Anthony
17.) Jimmy Butler
18.) Tim Duncan
19.) Chris Bosh
20.) Al Horford

Honorable mention: Kyrie Irving, Draymond Green, Dwyane Wade, Klay Thompson, Pau Gasol, Damien Lillard.

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Great List! Wow this was Difficult! I favored youth...

1) Steph Curry

2) Lebron (he's over 30 now... barely)

3) Westbrook

4) Harden

5) A. Davis (only b/c he's still so young & still learning)

6) Durant (only b/c he's coming off injury)

7) Paul George

8) Carmelo Anthony

9) Blake Griffin

10) Kyrie Irving

11) LaMarcus Aldridge

12) Chris Paul

13) John Wall

14) Marc Gasol

15) Demarcus Cousins

16) Damian Lillard

17) Kawhi Leanord

18) Klay Thompson

19) Chris Bosh

20) Al Horford

Honorable mention: Pau Gasol, Jimmy Butler, Dwayne Wade, Tim Duncan, Jimmy Butler....

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Worst list of the

Worst list of the bunch.

Curry BETTER than Lebron. Cmon man...Lebrons better than ever. 30yo or not.

Durant at six! He's #2. And then there's a gap.

PG13 at 7? Did you guys see what happened to the guy! Im highly skeptical he will be back to his best so soon. See Shaun Livingstone re: same injury.

And if Damien Lillard is better than Jimmy Butler...Im watching the wrong sport.

Damn now I gotta make the definitive list.....

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Hey I apologize if I got people upset w/ my list...

I realize that Lebron & K.D. are #1 & #2 & the "Brow" is coming on strong & will most likely be a future #1... We all basically have the same 25 players in that top 25... I Luv Lebron & K.D. I just wanted to give Curry some love for the Historic year he had leading Golden State to that Title - I'm not a Warriors fan, I wasn't trolling, I would never do that - I have too much respect for the Basketball knowledge that all you guys (&girls) possess... I just decided to give the guys who really had amazing years in 2015 (Curry, Harden & Westbrook) some respect... I didn't mean to get anyone angry - I hope you all can forgive me... Super psyched for the Season! good luck to everyone & their Fav teams & players!

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I have to correct you about

I have to correct you about what you wrote about Paul George and Shaun Livingston having the same injury. Their injuries weren't the same nor are they even in the same universe in regards to severity.

Not only did Livingston dislocate (he didn't break it) his tibia-femoral, he also *TORE* his ACL, MCL, PCL and his lateral meniscus. He also dislocated his patella.

George didn't tear a single ligament in his knee, do any damage to his meniscus or his patella. No damage to any tendons or his ankle. No infections of the wound. No setbacks during recovery (he returned in 8 months). It was basically only a clean break (compound fracture) of his tibia-fibia. George's injury was serious, BUT it's not as serious as it looked.

There's no doubt he'll make a 100% recovery. He's probably already 90% now.

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There he goes again!!

There he goes again!! Indianabasketball the Doctor of this site!! The well respected injury doc!! when anyone on here has a question about sports injuries!! We ask him!! And He will say the ankle bone is connected to the heal bone and the heel bone is connected the leg bone and the is connected to the thigh bone!!

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I would say Aldridge a bit

I would say Aldridge a bit too high, Marc Gasol a bit too low. For the rest a great list actually!

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Aldridge too high, but good

Aldridge too high, but good list

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Jimmy Butler...what more does

Jimmy Butler...what more does the guy have to do...seriously?

Top 3 player in the East.

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I believe Carmelo Anthony and Paul George will both be better than Jimmy Butler this year. I do believe Jimmy Butler will take another step this season and be more of an all around offense player. You can make a point that Jimmy Butler should be ranked higher due to the fact that he's contributing on a more competitive team, plays both ends of the court, and is the lead dog on a top end playoff team. But, I just believe that Paul George will be better than ever and Carmelo Anthony returning to form to when he led the league in points per game.

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Really good list, Jimmy

Really good list, Jimmy Butler is too low but I can understand why you have him at 17... Nice work

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1. Anthony Davis

2. Lebron James

3. Kevin Durant

4. Steph Curry

5. Russell Westbrook

6. James Harden

7. Chris Paul

8. Marc Gasol

9. Blake Griffin

10. John Wall

11. Kawhi Leonard

12. Demarcus Cousins

13. Lamarcus Aldridge

14. Dwight Howard

15. Jimmy Butler

16. Paul George

17. Al Horford

18. Carmelo Anthony

19. Klay Thompson

20. Tim Duncan

No honorable mention as I think there is a gap after Al Horford. List was surprisingly difficult to make.

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I don't think the top 3 are

I don't think the top 3 are really arguable, but Curry should be #4 and Kawhi is better than LaMarcus.

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1. LeBron James 2. Kevin

1. LeBron James

2. Kevin Durant

3. Anthony Davis

4. Steph Curry

5. Chris Paul

6. James Harden

7. Russell Westbrook

8. Blake Griffin

9. Marc Gasol

10. Kawhi Leonard

11. John Wall

12. Al Horford

13. Chris Bosh

14. LaMarcus Aldridge

15. DeMarcus Cousins

16. Jimmy Butler

17. Klay Thompson

18. Dwight Howard

19. Tim Duncan

20. Carmelo Anthony

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