Top 10 questions from this NBA season:

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Top 10 questions from this NBA season:

check it out, tell me what you guys think? criticism is always accepted.

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Question#1 should have been:

Question#1 should have been: when will the Heat figure it out?

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good thing lleperez isn't

good thing lleperez isn't here for what you said about Kobe lol

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Kobe is better than everybody

Kobe is better than everybody things he is a winner yeah he landed in a good situation but he has played great in his good situtaion. Kobe is one of the best players ever to touch a basketball his skillset is great he has the killer instinct that set him apart from everybody in the league right now. Kobe even changed his game when kobe was young he relied on his athleticism to get him by trying to make a highlight every time he touched the ball ,but know he beats people with skills thats why wade is having a terrible beginning to the season he relies to much on his athletic ability thats why he got hurt earlier this year trying to dunk on someone he couldve easily eluded the defender and layed the ball up but he always trying to make a highlight. Lebron use to this but not much thats what sets kobe away from them. Yeah kobe played with great big men but when the lakers were winning the championships in the early 2000's who they go to in the clutch kobe so shaq needed kobe just as much as kobe needed him. Kobe and shaq didnt get along anymore so jerry buss did right thing kobe was younger and wasnt near his prime and shaq was almost past his. You wouldve demanded a trade to if you were on those horrible lakers team they still made it to the playoffs and almost took the down a big contender in the suns with those medicore players could wade do the same. When kobe was leading the league points he took shot but had to and he was very efficent while doing it. Initally he was hard on Bynum but he needed to because bynum then realize how good he good become and that same year he wanted traded bynum work hard and played unbelievable before he got hurt kobe was reason for that. I was glad when we got gasol its nor our fault memphis were stupid kobe needed a post player but all the all times great need help Larry needed kevin mchale,parish,dennis johnson,and Magic need kareem,and worthy and Jordan needed scottie,dennis,and tonic kukoc so all the all time greats needed help so what you saying is irrevelant no one has did it by themselves. If you put kobe on the bobcats bet the could make past the first round and kobe would put up awesome stats. Has kobe said he is better than jordan thats the media boosting that up and I think you can mention kobe and jordan in the same sentence kobe has been scrutinzed and had adversity unlike any other play but he has been triumphant through all his trial and tribulations. Kobe can talk about wade and lebron theres no way kobe would join a rival to win a championship kobe had big men not another wing man who play the same as he does thats why miami is struggling right now wade and lebron are similar and they dont know how to use the two of them.

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i wasnt planing on clicking

i wasnt planing on clicking on it until i read anddxx's comment, lol.

You dont really make a solid argument if oyu want to rip on kobe. You say he is the product of where he landed but dont seem to give him any credit for how hard a worker he is. Kobe would be the same exact player no matter where he went. He just might not have the rings. Saying kobe does not have your respect to finish your little article sounds like fanboy type stuff not journalism if thats what you are striving for.

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