Top 10 PF's in the league

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Top 10 PF's in the league

The Power forward Position seems to be a strong one in the NBA right now. Here is my top ten Power forward's in the NBA.

* Lebron James and Carmelo are left off the list due to playing mostly at the 3.

1.Tim Duncan
2. Kevin Love
3. LaMarcus Aldridge
4. Dirk Nowitzki
5. Kevin Garnett
6.Zach Randolph
7.Josh Smith
8. Anthony Davis
9. Blake Griffin
10.Kenneth Faried

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I am NOT a Blake Grifin fan

I am NOT a Blake Grifin fan but common. Hes a 3x all star already. He is top three IMO at the position. Maybe Duncan and Love ahead of him but even at that its a toss up for me between him and Love.

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I'm shocked at how low people

I'm shocked at how low people are rating him.

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Tell that

to Z Bo.

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Kevin Garnett

Garnett is too high, I'd put him lower. And Faried over Gasol? I'd adjust some things.

My list would be:
1. Duncan(If you still consider him a pf)
2. Love
3. Aldridge
4. Randolph
5. Dirk
6. Chris Bosh(If you still consider him a pf)
7. Gasol
8. Blake Griffin
9. Garnett
10. David Lee

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I think Blake Griffin is

I think Blake Griffin is still one dimensional and defense is non existent but there is no way there are 8 better PFs in the league...NO WAY! At this point in KGs career he should be towards the bottom. I would say Tim Duncan K Love Blake LaMarcus Aldridge and Z Bo would be my top five

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Hard to see Anthony Davis

Hard to see Anthony Davis already higher then Blake after just one season considering Blake has pretty much been 20-10 from the get go and I'm a much bigger fan of AD then Blake to be honest. Also I know Bosh had a bad playoffs and plays center a lot of the time now but he should be on this list as well as David Lee and Gasol who also had a down year but IMO is still a top 10 pf especially considering like 2 years ago some people were saying he was the best pf in the league

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Not a Gasol fan but you can't

Not a Gasol fan but you can't leave him off the list.

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Ken Faried and Anthony Davis

Ken Faried and Anthony Davis over...

David Lee - 18.5 ppg 11.2 rpg 3.2 apg NBA ALL-Star 2013
Carlos Boozer - 16.2 ppg 9.8 rpg 2.3 apg
David West - 17.1 ppg 7.7 rpg 2.9 apg
Greg Monroe - 16 ppg 9.6 rpg 3.5 apg

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It pained me to see gasol

It pained me to see gasol play so bad last season.
But he was hurt all year missed over 30 games and was hobbled when he was out there. Well he had off season surgery to alleviate the pain and will now have the paint to himself with Dwight gone. I think he rebounds big time and is an al-star again next season.

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my list...

1. Tim Duncan
2. Kevin Love
3. David Lee
4. Zach Randolph
5. LaMarcus Aldridge
6. Dirk Nowitzki
7. Kevin Garnett
8. Anthony Davis
9. Blake Griffin
10. Kenneth Faried

The East is pretty weak with PF talent! I know, I know Blake is an All Star, but he can't hit a mid-range jumper and gets pushed around by other PF's (Zach Randolph).

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Blake Griffin got hurt in the

Blake Griffin got hurt in the playoffs. I think he is too low. A legit 4 who can score and rebound. He's a
guy you have to game plan for. I would have him somewhere between 2 and 5.

Z Bo is good but he is slipping a bit.

Gotta get Bosh in there. If LeBron is not on this list then Bosh should be here since SOMEBODY
is playing power forward for Miami.

Then I have Duncan at 1, Bosh at 2, Kevin Love at 3, Blake at 4, Dirk at 5, then Z Bo at 6, Aldridge at 7, Garnett at 8, Greg Monroe at 9, and then Pau Gasol at 10. Next in: Anthony Davis, Faried, David Lee, etc.

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I'll try it... PF is TOUGH

1. Tim Duncan- Easy
2. Chris Bosh- Bosh is still a very capable 1st or 2nd optioon although his role has changed
3. Zach Randolph- Beast
4. Lamarcus Aldridge- Highly talented and goes under the radar
5. Blake Griffin- His athleticism is everything
6. Kevin Love- Maybe higher if Healther
7. Al Horford- I think he's more a PF than Center
8. David Lee- Double Double Machine
9. Josh Smith- Most Versatile offensively and defensively
10a Kevin Garnett- Still productive but his best years are behind him
10b. Dirk Nowitski- Can still score but the younger guys have surpassed him

Others Possible Choices: Amare Stoudemire- If healthy, he's definitely on the list
Anthony Davis (Chargin fast!)
Greg Monroe
Carlos Boozer
Paul Milsap
David West
Serge Ibaka

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To me Horford, Duncan and

To me Horford, Duncan and Bosh are true PFs who don't play in that position. In that case, this would be my list:

1. Love
2. Aldridge
3. Randolph
4. Lee
5. Garnett
6. Griffin
7. Dirk
8. Gasol
9. West
10. JSmith

Things should change this upcoming season though.

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Id put my top 10 as

1. Tim Duncan
2. Kevin Love
3. LaMarcus Aldridge
4. Zach Randolph
5. Dirk Nowitzki
6. Chris Bosh
7. Blake Griffin
8. Kevin Garnett
9. Josh Smith
10a. David Lee
10b. Pau Gasol

Then the next group
12. David West
13. Greg Monroe
14. Amare Stoudemire
15. Kenneth Faried

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Favors should get the playing

Favors should get the playing time to prove he belongs on that list for next yr, he definitely has the physical attributes to make it, can't wait to see how he does now that Milsap and Jefferson are gone.

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I think the problem with

I think the problem with top-10 lists is that they don't reflect just how close some of these guys are. I'd say there are a couple of guys who stand out above the rest (Duncan, Love, Aldridge) but a lot of other guys are almost on par.

Z-Bo (could be in the first group tbh, but he got shown up against the Spurs and is too jump-shot dependent), Lee, Dirk, a healthy Pau, Griffin, Bosh and Horford (if you want to call him a PF) are all pretty much the same, with guys like KG, Ibaka, Davis, West, Boozer, Monroe and Josh Smith, Millsap making up the third group.

I don't think the ranking within the first group or the second group really matters much, because they are all pretty close to one another.

Also, I know I might cop some flak for dropping KG down, but I'm a Celtics fan, and he's been reduced to almost strictly a jump-shooter and defender these days, very rarely mixes it up inside and has lost several steps. He might bounce back with a stronger team around him in BK, but I doubt it.

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For really...Josh Smith?

Josh Smith is a terrible basketball player!!!

There's dudes in college I would pick over him! No basketball IQ at all! Isn't a team player, not sure if he knows what's going on during the game, cuz he will take some crazy-azz shots at the worst time. He's last time vs. the Warriors this past season, if I remember correctly, he didn't play the entire 4th period, cuz he was playing that I'm not talking about his shot was off, Josh's head was somewhere in space? Was jackin up three's as he was double teamed with 20 seconds on the clock. No way he's a top 10 PF, top 10 anything good!

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Josh smith

Plus I heard he was a krypt.

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Favors??? Are you a Jazz fan by any chance???

Whatever though...

Here is my take, I think Duncan is a one of those rare players who has to ranked in the top 10 for both PF or C, he started his playing career next to Robinson and for many years Popovich always kept a 7 footer around to play Tim at Pf, for the most part though he played the majority of his time at Center, I'd rank him and Kevin Garnett a little differently then other guys like Horford and Jefferson who should be Pf's next to athletic C's(McGee/Jordan/Sanders types), David Lee, Kevin Love and Chris Bosh play C for their team(Pekovic has come on and Greg Oden should allow Bosh to play 8 to 14 more minutes at his true position)

My Top Ten Pf's...This is based on a players overall impact on his team and talent, not necessarily Stats, Stats can lie...

1. Tim Duncan, still impacts both ends of the floor, and as long as he's on the Spurs roster they'll be a contender...

2. Kevin Garnett, can still carry a team on both offense and defense but is too smart and unselfish to do it for 82 games...

3.Kevin Love, personally my favorite big man in the League today(next to Hall of Famers like KG, Timmy and Dirk of course) and I think he deserves a lot more attenion going forward, he is a rare breed of monster rebounder and outside threat, once he starts refining his back to the basket game he'll be a true force on offense, he does need to play tougher defense by all accounts but his impact on the boards should be unquestioned...

Dirk Nowitski, the guy cant be stopped when he's healthy, has his championship to hang his hat and will go down has the best International scorer ever, I still think makes his team better by himself then the players below even though he's long in the tooth, had to give him the slight nod over Bosh and Aldridge...

5. Chris Bosh, besides having 2 rings playing 3rd fiddle in Miami, Bosh proves time and time again that stats can hide a players impact, Bosh's ability to hit the outside shot and create his own offense if and when Wade or James need a break has been the biggest key to the overall success of the Heat, and he made big plays on defense in the Finals when it mattered most, Bosh gets a lot of hate and criticism, and I'm not the biggest fan myself, but he can't be denied...

6. LaMarcus Aldridge, he along with Bosh has gotten picked for not rebounding at a higher rate, lets face some guys just don't have the passion to be great rebounders, LA can however do every thing else needed to be the key player on a great team, he has one of the best combination of skills and athletic ability for a 6'11 or taller player...

7. Al Horford, won't get too into why I have him higher than Randolph, Jefferson, Lee, Griffin or Gasol, but I think Horford can score, rebound and defend, he has passion for the game and I think he'll be a guy who makes finds his a comfortable grove, he's a guy who could 20/10 if he was more selfish, I think he'll be known as a winner when he retires...

8. Zac Randolph, a real life Grizzly bear and 20/10 guy, he could put a team on his back on offense and rebound the ball, man handles his match up down low, but he needs to given the ball to be effective, he's also getting older and could see a dip in his production...

9. Blake Griffin, I know I'm probably being harder on Blake then i should be, I think he's a phenomenal athlete with a good handle and first step, he also works his ass off to get rebounds and put back dunks, I just get the overwhelming feeling that he doesn't do enough of the other things to put a team over the top, still a Top flight player and a guy I love watching...

10. David Lee, I did want to put him over Z Bo and Blake because I love his overall impact on offense, he can score from inside and out, and passes the ball very well, he is also a hard nosed rebounder, where he falls short is on the defensive end of the floor, he has to work harder in that regard but he's a bit better than people give him credit for on offense...

Next In, Amare, Pau Gasol, David West, Al Jefferson, Greg Monroe,Paul Milsap, Serge Ibaka, Josh Smith, Anthony Davis, Kenneth Faried...

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I've got no problem with

I've got no problem with Horford ranked so high. IMO he's one of the most criminally underrated players in the league. He is an efficient scorer, rebounds, passes, defends and plays a good overall team game unlike many of the top PFs in the league. He is also very consistent. He is a guy that I think could be plugged into any team in the league at either PF or C and would make them instantly better.

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Damn, it's amazing to think

Damn, it's amazing to think that guys like Paul Millsap (15/7/3/1/1 and 20.00 per), Thad Young (15/7.5/1.6/1.8 and 18 per), David West (17/7.7/3/1/1 and 20 per), and Serge Ibaka (13/7.7/3 and 19 per) aren't even being mentioned in this topic.

PF is definitely a position of strength, but to be honest most of those guys have at least one glaring weakness. The position is deep, but none of these guys are superstars in my book (I'm not counting Duncan, Dirk, or KG). I think Blake and Davis have the best shot of becoming "superstars" with LA being the darkhorse if he can ever play with a healthy team. Right now, he's the most complete two way PF in the NBA.

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The power forward position

The power forward position doesn't have a lot of strength right now in my opinion. Or maybe I should say the position doesn't have a superstar. All of the *REAL* superstars like Tim Duncan (still my top choice), Kevin Garnett, Pau Gasol and Dirk Nowizki have gotten old. They've only been surpassed due to injuries/physically getting older.

Other than Lamarcus Aldridge (who's the closest to being a legit superstar in my opinion), David West, Zach Randolph and David Lee (more commitment to being where he was supposed to and actually trying on D last season), I'm just not in love with the position. Paul Millsap is another guy I really like, but isn't really a star. I really like Josh Smith's versatility at both ends, but the bone headed shots are a turnoff. I like Chris Bosh as well (he's improved as a defensive player), though I just wish he had more of that "dog" in him.

Anthony Davis is a player I'm really keeping my eye on. I think he can become that next great two way player. I want to see how he develops offensively. He should become a top five player at the position very soon.

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Top 8

Tim duncan
Zach Randolph my favorite pf
Dirk nowitzki
Kevin love
Kevin Garnett
Blake griffin
Lamarcus Aldridge
Chris bosh

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here's mine

1. Tim Duncan
2. Dirk Nowitzki
3. Kevin Love
4. Lamarcus Aldrige
5. Blake Griffin
6. Pau Gasol
7. Zach Randolph
8. Chris Bosh
9. David Lee
10. Kevin Garnett

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The Negs are strong in this

The Negs are strong in this thread.

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Haha I was going to say the

Haha I was going to say the same thing. Is it because people don't like lists? I can understand that since the Bleacher Report ruined them for me.

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LOL I guess no one agrees on anybody's top 10

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lol, let's fight agains the negs xD

My Top 10 PF... i did it thinking on this season and how well they performed for their team to win so i guess

1. David Lee
2. David West
3. Zach Randolph
4. Serge Ibaka
5. Blake Griffin
6. Thaddeus Young
7. Paul Millsap
8.LaMarcus Aldridge
9. Kenneth Faried
10. Amir Johnson- WTF yes you may say that, but he is the most underrated player in his position he was the best player on his team in win shares, Drtg and one of the best in WS in his position too

i didn't put Tim Duncan and KG on the list because they are playing the center position, i didn't put KLove because he was injured, but if Timmy or KG played the PF i would put them and if KLove played at the same lvl he was playing in the last 2 seasons he would be in my list, Melo not being on my list he didn't play long stretches on PF

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1.Tim Duncan2.Kevin Love

1.Tim Duncan
2.Kevin Love (those two pretty obvious for me) it gets tough
3. Pau Gasol- played below 50games and next to Dwight, when healthy he is a 17/8 at least on a good team, and for me he is easily the best passing big, I mean even on a bad year he avg 4.1 assists as a third option
4.Chris Bosh-people reaaaaalllly underrates him, very dissapointing rebounding from him but he became better shot blocker and defender as a heat member, and he is a 20ppg scorer on at least 25 other teams..
5.Dirk Nowitzki-yes he's kinda old, but he was unhealthy last year, he will be back into an allstar level
6.Blake Griffin
7.Zach Randolph
8.David Lee
9.LaMarcus Aldridge-people say he is underrated, but I mean yes he is good allaround player but he is nothing dominant at all, Lillard Batum played well this year so if he is such a star at least he should have taken Portland to the playoffs
10.Josh Smith

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In my opinion, it's generally

In my opinion, it's generally better to rank players in tiers than just 1-10.

For example (and I know I'm definitely going to forget some guys):

Tier 1:
Duncan, Love, Aldridge

Tier 2:
Randolph, Griffin, Dirk

Tier 3:
Bosh, Horford, Gasol


I just think tiers do a better job of showing how close some players are, but that's just me.

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@ Lalaila The definition you

@ Lalaila

The definition you gave of LaMarcus Aldridge doesn't apply to kevin love?

Love hasn't even been in the playoffs, his overall impact on the team is close to 0, can't create his own shot and can't play D. Way overrated stat padder.

He also sucked last year

I'd switch your picks and put LMA 2nd and love 10th

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but at least two things you

but at least two things you now about them if they got on playoff team are Love will always be waaaaaay better rebounder(very important in games that matters) and that LA one of the biggest strengths is shooting and nobody can argue Love is better shooter still, I think

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