Tony Snell

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Tony Snell

In the wake of losing Marco Bellinelli, waiving the under-productive Rip Hamilton and Nate Robinson in free agency, I believe the Bulls got a gem in Tony Snell. He's a shooting guard, but he plays like a versatile 3. He's been shooting good from 3-point range (34% in 5 games), he's a willing passer and makes smart ones at that, and he's a great rebounder at his position (6.6 per game in 5 games). Also, he's not a slouch on the defensive end, which should please Coach Tibbs. He doesn't look to create his own shot much, but I really like the kid's production on the court. I wouldn't be surprise if he gets 25+ minutes during the 2nd half of the season.

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Funny how I compared him to a

Funny how I compared him to a poor mans Jimmy Butler before the draft and he ends up in the same team. I feel like he needs to work on his overall game and won't contribute much his first year behind Deng and Butler.

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I thought about posting this

I thought about posting this here today as well. I think he is in a great situation with the Bulls and with their veteran leadership he should develope pretty well. To me he is one of the most ready players of this draft. He can be effective playing 15 mins a game but I wouldn't be surprised if an injury to Deng earns him a spot in the starting 5 alongside Jimmy.

He already is an upgrade to me over Hamilton and I have no doubt he will be a starting caliber player within the next 3 years.

Am I the only one who thinks he looks similar to Brandon Knight when he was in High School and had his cornrows?

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I think he has the skillset

I think he has the skillset to be a contributor earlier than Butler was simply because he can shoot. Butler's lack of jumper early on was a big hurdle. Plus the Bulls were deeper on the wings with Korver and R.Brewer backing up.
I'm loving the pick though. Outside of some late shot clock situations, Snell already plays like a vet. He's just a good, smart, unflappable, all-around player with length and some skill. Of course regular season is another story but I think he has the temperament to not get rattled. He always looks to make the right, simple play and more often than not, executes it well.

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I'm not sure Snell is going

I'm not sure Snell is going to actually contribute much as a rookie because without injury, the Bulls have the wings pretty settled. Deng and Butler should start and Dunleavy, Jr. should be the sixth man, with Hinrich sometimes playing at SG alongside Derrick Rose. Snell has looked good at the summer league so far, so he could be a nice player down the road for the Bulls.

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i always thought Snell would one of those guys that made GMs really regret passing him, specially in a draft like this. I think Snell will play and contribute his rookie year, great pick for the bulls.

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