Tony Parker signs extension

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Tony Parker signs extension

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The $14 million per season

The $14 million per season Parker will make is more than the $12.5 million he'll make this upcoming season. He's 32 and only plays about 60-70 games per season now, but I think he's worth that. Duncan and Ginobli will most likely retire after this upcoming season, so it's good to know Parker will be around with Leonard, Splitter and whoever else their front office gets in some brilliant move.

I'm interested to see if they can get Leonard signed to an extension by Oct 31st and how much it'll be for. There's absolutely no question in my mind that if he were to become a free-agent, he'd get the max. He's better than both Gordon Hayward and Chandler Parsons. Let's see if Leonard takes a paycut.

Also interested to see how much Danny Green will command. I think it's important they keep him going forward.

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How the NBA expert thinks

How the NBA expert thinks that Tony has been hugely underpaid, Tony will be 36 when this contract finishes and it covers him from 33 to 36 years old. If anything his current deal is probably much more undermarket value.

Tony has been a cornerstone of the Spurs team for 13 seasons now and when this new deal finishes he could well be the longest one team player in the NBA if we assume that Tim Duncan, Kobe and Dirk may have retired by then.

Tony is the sort of player I could not imagine on any other team and getting him tied up now gives the Spurs important continuity in the likely post Tim Duncan era.

The deal is of fair value to both sides IMO and typically the Spurs made another big move without any fuss.

The Spurs still have their 5 year rookie deal to use I believe so they can offer that to Leonard and with the cap level likely to rise and the Spurs having good cap room they can easily max of Leonard if they want to. Leonard may not have superstar stats yet but Coach Poppovich has said he sees him as a guy who can take over the franchise when Tim Duncan retires. If Gregg Poppovich rates Leonard that highly then I cannot argue against him getting a max deal.

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