Tony Parker retires

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Tony Parker retires

Somewhat surprising. Had a player option for next season so he could have kept playing. Was definitely slowing down but was still relatively effective in limited mins. Don’t think he wanted any part of a potential rebuild in Charlotte though. It’s kind of a shame he didn’t retire as a spur.

Great career and likely first ballot HOF. Maybe the craftiest finisher in the paint among little guys ever, especiallly considering he was slight and didn’t have great leaping ability. He was never a high volume 3 point shooter, but absolutely deadly from mid-range. The way the game has changed in reference to the 3-point shot I’m not sure we will ever really see another point guard quite like him.

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I think his option was a Team

I think his option was a Team Option, maybe the Hornets were going to go in another direction and not take up his option but gave him the courtesy of allowing him to retire on his own terms or he just made the decision for them.

I agree it was a pity that he didn't retire a Spur like Manu and Tim Duncan did.

I agree that he has to go in the Hall of Fame for his success and his own personal achivements. Could be a good HOF year in a few years time with Dirk, D-Wade, Tony Parker and others all retiring the same year.

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He'll go back to the Spurs somehow

Its a pity he didn't retire a Spur, but I think pretty soon the Spurs will bring him back in some capacity as a team advisor or something. And I'm sure this role has always been at the back of his mind even before he went to the Hornets. So even though he didn't retire a Spur I still consider him a Spurs player and always will.

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Tony Parker was a beast. I

Tony Parker was a beast. I was never a fan of the Spurs during their run but you had to respect a guy like Parker. In his prime, he was lightning quick and had really good athleticism. He was never talked about among the elite point guards in the league because his game wasn't sexy like Derrick Rose when he was healthy, Russell, Westbrook, Chris Paul or Steve Nash. Parker has 4 rings and a finals MVP. In terms of pure winning, TP is one of the greatest point guards of all-time in my opinion.

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Parker is also one of the

Parker is also one of the most underrated PGs of all time. He's a Champ!

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I found it amazing how often

I found it amazing how often he lead the league in points in the paint. I think what he's done during his career is HOF worthy eventually. But I don't see him going in on the first ballot.

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