Tony Bradley

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Tony Bradley

Theres alot of guys in the NBA who should be getting more minutes but are just in situations where that unfortunately is not likely to happen. To me Bradley is on the top of that list. He has developed quite well in Utah and every time I watch him play he seems to be a force, but off the ball as well.

They really molded him into a similar player as Rudy Gobert and if I'm an NBA team looking to unload some veteran talent and get a young Center I'm calling about this kid. Some teams that come to mind are Sacramento, Oklaholma City and Dallas. Quite frankly it would be smart for Utah to try to move him for a player they would use in their rotation like a Danilo Galinari because they already have Rudy Gobert who is arguably the best defensive player in the NBA and Ed Davis and Bradley can only play one position.

I think right now Bradley could give you close to 30 minutes a night at the position depending on his stamina with good defence and 10 rebounds a night.

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To be honest I had to look up

To be honest I had to look up the Jazz roster who Tony Bradley is and after reading the first sentence I thought you meant that Avery Bradley needs minutes on the Lakers. Tony Bradley played a total of 12 NBA regular season games in two seasons and I think he might be one of the farthest players in the league to be able to handle 30 mpg for any team. Since Favors is gone there need to players who play minutes on a regular basis but I doubt it will be Bradley or what am I missing?

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