Toney Douglas Must Start

In his 6 starts at PG, Mr. Douglas averaged 16.8 points 6.8 assists 3.5 rebounds 57% from the field, 80% from the line 48% from 3-point range with a phenomenal A/T ratio of 3.72.

Don't let anyone tell you the man isn't a PG. The man is definitely a PG and a very good one in the right system, especially this new triangle-style offense the Knicks are running with Amare and Melo.

Below is a comparison of team performance when each player starts at PG. How the team has fared with Douglas starting vs. Billups starting.

Contrary to popular belief, the Knicks have been far more successful with Douglas running the offense at the point. When Douglas has started at PG, the team's offense has performed significantly better. It's not even close.

Here's the breakdown in team performance since the trade. Includes games through 3/15.

With Billups (6 games) :
50.0% FG 20 assists
41.9% FG 22 assists
38.8% FG 17 assists
37.2% FG 15 assists
36.6% FG 11 assists
44.9% FG 21 assists
41.5% FG, 17.6 assists per game

With Douglas (6 games):
54.5% FG 28 assists
54.5% FG 13 assists
46.8% FG 23 assists
56.1% FG 32 assists
53.4% FG 31 assists
42.5% FG 19 assists
51.3% FG, 24.3 assists per game

To summarize:

Team FG%
With Billups 41.5%
With Douglas 51.3%

Team Assists:
With Billups 17.6 per game
With Douglas 24.3 per game

Huge difference in how the team offense has performed with Douglas vs. Billups running it.

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Douglas has been in the

Douglas has been in the system for a while, Billups is just getting integrated. Not only that but he has been injured, and the first couple of games he has played New York didnt even practice. Billups is the better player on both ends of the floor, a great leader, and an excellent veteran for this team.

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Billups turns 35 this year

Billups turns 35 this year and is a great mentor for Douglas.

At this stage, I don't think Billups is the better defender and I think Douglas is now the better shooter. Douglas also has the better A/T ratio since the trade and on the season as well.

Give the guy a starting assigment with 30 minutes a game and watch how he produces, especially in this new quasi-triangle offense the Knicks are running with Melo and Amare. Always knew what Douglas is capable of. Loved how he ran the team when Billups was out and hope to see it continue....

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So far, we can see both

So far, we can see both sides. Boston’s plans didn’t center around Allen as they once did and they couldn’t afford to let negotiations with him get extremely expensive, not given his questionable health situation and not with Garnett, Pierce, and Rondo drawing eight-figure salaries, plus Jeff Green waiting on what would become a big payday. Allen’s plans also didn’t center around Boston as they once did, not with the reported locker room and with Miami’s total package looming as a very appealing alternative. Once he did decide to go a different direction, Allen wasn’t a jerk about it. In fact, quite the opposite.

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When the dust was settled,

When the dust was settled, White had guided the Cyclones to a 23-11 record before the team fell to the eventual national champion Kentucky Wildcats in the NCAA Tournament.

White followed his exceptional freshman season with a solid NBA Summer League after being drafted by the Rockets, and now the 6’8 forward just wants to fit in with Houston.

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