Tomas Satoransky?

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Tomas Satoransky?

Does anyone think this guard from the Czech Republic will declare for the draft? His size, 6-6 is intriguing for a guard prospect.. He seems kind of like a combo guard type.

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Ask Euro Baller, DUH!

Ask Euro Baller, DUH!

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Offline Strengths:

Strengths: Certainly one of the most complete guards of the young generation in Europe ... Born in 1991and appears ready for the 2012 NBA Draft after two years in Liga ACB (Spanish League) ... Tomas is a point guard with great size, excellent vision and ability to pass the ball ... Physically strong, allowing him to easily finish near the rim ... He is a good spot-up shooter, with range out to the three point line ... Shooting is not his first offensive option, but in the last Eurocup season he averaged 43% from the distance ... He's a smooth player with a quick first step and a strong ability to finish in traffic ... He also possesses standout athletic ability by European standards (he's a spectacular dunker!) ... He has a winning spirit, and always competes hard ... He is also a good defensive player because of his desire, athleticism and the versatility to defend multiple positions ...

Weaknesses: One-on-one game needs improvement for the NBA ... Lacks an in-between game, his shot off the dribble is not very solid ... In general he’s not very good to create own shot ... Despite his strong body is not a good rebounder ... Plays the PG position but may need to transition over the the 2 position for the NBA ... Needs to become a little more assertive, (vocal leadership) particularly if he wants to play PG ...


Projection: 2nd round/Undrafted


  • Long Athletic swingman
  • Very Active, gets his hands on everything
  • Pretty Athletic
  • Great basketball IQ
  • Does it all on both ends of the floor
  • Excellent ball handler
  • Great floor vision


  • Inconsistent shooter
  • Needs to add strength
  • Needs to play in a better league

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needs to play in a better league? i hope the guy at ESPN means the NBA because the ACB spanish leauge is the best league in europe and probably the second best in the world where the NBA is the best of course...

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