TJ Ford retires

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TJ Ford retires

Rough way to end a career but a wise decision. Not worth the risk of seriously injuring himself. Best of luck to him

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Aw man.. He was always one of

Aw man.. He was always one of my favorites..

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It might sound funny now,but

It might sound funny now,but i remember during the 2003 draft, fans in Miami were upset the Heat didn't select TJ Ford or Chris said the Heat needed a center or point guard..Most had never seen Wade play,some said Wade couldnt shoot and was too short to play shooting guard...Thats why u never listen to Bandwagon Jumpers ...

I'm happy to see him focus on his health...Ford was 1 of the fastest and most exciting college players of all time and the National Player of the Year in 2003...But Sustaining several serious Injuries & a lack outside shooting his chances to become an all star...

Several people have said he has a great basketball mind..Maybe he'll get a job as an assistant coach or work with kids,teaching them the game....

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i felt he couldve been better

i felt he couldve been better than a border line starter.... he had talent early on... dude was a hooper!

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I watched that Bucks/Wolves game where he initially broke his back/neck, it was one of the scariest injuries I've ever seen, and was kind of amazed he even could play after that. The dude's a warrior, regardless of his bad luck in being injured a lot. Hopefully he lives a healthy life after basketball, where he can absolutely crush anyone foolish enough to challenge him at pick up ball at the gym, lol.

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TJ FordShaun LivingstonWho

TJ Ford

Shaun Livingston

Who is the next (could have been) great pg an injury will ruin?

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@McDunkin Hopefully not


Hopefully not Rubio!

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It's good to see Ford put his

It's good to see Ford put his health above basketball.

Read an article about Brandon Roy planning a comeback... Just smh. He clearly wants his little boys pushing him around in a wheelchair.

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TJ Ford was a BEAST at Texas

TJ Ford was a BEAST at Texas

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He wasn't built "Ford

He wasn't built "Ford Tough"

In all seriousness though, I loved watching him at Texas. I always thought his career would have panned out a lot better than it actually did.

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@McDunkin- I have a horrible

@McDunkin- I have a horrible feeling in my stomach that Stephen Curry is next

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^Are you trying to give me a

^Are you trying to give me a heart attack?

It's just a simple little ankle injury, put some ice on it, rest him for the rest of the year(We're not going anywhere anyways, and if we tank we might actually get our own pick, top 7 protected), some illegall German surgeries and he'll be fine.

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