Tim Hardaway Jr Scouting Report

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Tim Hardaway Jr Scouting Report

This is my first scouting report I've ever written. Let me know what you all think.

Player: Tim Hardaway Jr.
School: Michigan
Games viewed: Vs Indiana Vs Purdue

Positives: Strong move to the basket after getting bumped.
Lost control of the ball but good concentration to get It back and score the field goal plus the foul.
Good job getting in the passing lane on the defensive end to get the steal and start a fast break.
Really driving in the lane this game despite hard contact: Making most of his field goal attempts.
Good mechanics on his shot.
Good hustle on the defensive end to get the steal and good intelligence to know his team had numbers and pass ahead to wide open teammate for a dunk.
Good hard drive to the rim for a dunk and a foul.
Active hands on the defensive end lead to a lot of fast break chances for his team.
Good help defense to stick his hand in there and come up the steal.
Did an excellent job running the wing on the break and converting the bucket plus the foul
Does a good job of getting in the paint and looking for rebounds.
Runs the fast break very effectively. Always looking for the pass from his teammate.

Negatives: Does not seem to move well throughout the offensive sets
Sometimes just waits for the pass and this leads to turnovers for his team because there is no movement on his part.
On one play in this game he would not give his point guard a clear passing lane to pass to him so the guard had to pass it crosscourt and it was a turnover.
Seems to have a selfish attitude sometimes taking difficult shots as opposed to assisting his teammates.
Always seems to go to his right hand when driving. Did not get a chance to see him go to his off hand as much because the defense couldn't stop his penetration.

Summary: In the two games I viewed, Hardaway showed the fearlessness to go in the paint and take the contact and go to the line. As the son of a former NBA player he does have good bloodlines and surely teams will have this as a positive in his favor. However he does not use his off hand in going to the basket and all teams have to do is make him switch hands on his dribble and he won’t be as effective. He also sometimes stands instead of running or cutting in his offensive system. He will need to be more effective in moving or he will have a hard time scoring. All in all in the two games I viewed Hardaway seems to be a top 20 selection with a chance to sneak into the Lottery.

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He's more aggressive driving

He's more aggressive driving the ball this year, but I still don't think it's a strength in his game. He can bully his way into the paint vs college guards, but he lacks the ball-handling ability and first step explosiveness to be effective doing that at the next level. He is right hand dominant and he doesn't stay low on his drives. He'll put his shoulder into the defender and use his strength to carry them into the lane. Also, instead of keeping his footwork fluid, he's reliant on hops and jump stops, which could inhibit his ability to get all the way to the rim.

I think he moves fine without the ball. He chases the ball sometimes, but a player can't really be effective in Beilein's offensive system if he doesn't move well without the ball. Their player/ball movement is some of the best in the nation.

He gets good elevation on his shot and he's shooting a softer ball this yr, but I still wouldn't consider him a good shooter. Improved, but still not good. Even in a system that prides itself on taking good shots, he still takes his share of bad shots. He does know how to use his strength to create space for his jumper. Maybe he has some potential in the post because of that trait.

I think he can be a strong defender. He's got solid lateral quickness and size for the 2 guard. He's also strong physically and he contests shots well. Because of his strength and elevation I think he'll be able to rebound his position fairly well.

Overall, I think he can be a solid defender and athlete, but in the end isn't skilled enough offensively to be anything more than an early 2nd rounder at best, IMO. Maybe a 7th/8th man on an NBA roster.
He reminds me of a lesser version of Gerald Henderson. I wouldn't take him in the 1st round at all.

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Yeah, he reminds me of Gerald

Yeah, he reminds me of Gerald Henderson too, but I think he'll be closer to producing at the level of Henderson as a pro. He's got good length, athletic ability and a pretty well rounded game. If take him in the late 1st. I think after a couple years, he could start for a bad team or be a 7th man for a good one.

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