Tim Hardaway Jr

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Tim Hardaway Jr

Knicks need to unload THJ. He is a black hole on offense, a straight up chucker. When he's hitting shots he's great.. When he's not he takes over 20 shots to get 20 points and disrupt the offense with his impromtu early shot clock bricks.

If anyone with influence for the Knicks see this here is the gameplan:

- Trade Courtney Lee to a contender for a 1st rounder this year

- Trade Tim Hardaway Jr for any kind of pick and an expiring deal if possible.

With them gone the Knicks can open up minutes for Dotson and Hezonja at the 2 or even continue their Ntilikina at the 2 experiment and they would be clearing cap for a great FA class. But for the love of GOD please get rid of Hardaway!

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