Thunder 3rd and 25 pick What Should They Do????

What Should thunder Do with there 3rd and 25 pick What Players Should They Pick....The Need A Center/Big Man And Sg/2nd Scorer..... My Two Player Are Hasheem Thabeet And Dionte Christmas
Many People Said That Memphis Are Going To Get Hasheem But That Bullshit They Have No! Use For Him The have Marc Gasol And Two More Bigman look at memphis roster ........memphis are going to pick ricky rubio trade him or they are going trade spots with sacremento and draft jordan Hill
Okc Need A Big Man Like Hasheem Thabeet He Can Bring Alot Rebounds,Blocks,and 6 points Or More a game If Okc draft Him They Should Help Him Improve His Offensive and get him in shape make him bench press......and Dionte Christmas... Okc should pick him with the 25th pick... OKC need a pure shooting guard Like Dionte Christmas..He could get the pressure off kevin durant...He Could Knock Down shots behind the 3pt line,mid range shots, coming off screen and even getting to the rim... Dionte Christmas can bring 15 or more points a game,2 or more assists,1 steal or more a game..If Okc Draft Him They Should Help Him Work on His Defense and help him improve his shot selection...

What Do You Think?? If Not These Guy Than Who Else???

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They can get Christmas in

They can get Christmas in the 2nd round. they should use the 2nd first rounder on somebody that can help their other glaring needs. They need a lot to be able to compete

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It's Christmas time

Why Do You Capitalize Everything? I agree with Black Mamba on Christmas. He is 2nd Round material. If they end up trading with somebody and getting say 30-40th pick, I think they should pull the trigger on Christmas. Just not in the first round.

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