Thoughts on 2nd Round prospects

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Thoughts on 2nd Round prospects

What are your thoughts on the following prospects that may or may not end up in the 2nd Round

  • Josh Selby-
  • Malcolm Lee-
  • Chandler Parsons-
  • LaceDarius Dunn-
  • Demetri McCamey-
  • Jereme Richmond-
  • Vernon Macklin-
  • Scotty Hopson-
  • Jacob Pullen-
  • C.J. Leslie-
  • Iman Shumpert-
  • Austin Freeman-
  • Travis Leslie-
  • Corey Fisher-

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This isn't about Bismack Biyombo...

This isn't about Bismack Biyombo at all...

What's the deal?

Where do you think you are?



Anyway, I like Parsons in the second round. He'll be a great bench player in the NBA. Malcolm Lee and Demetri McCamey could be servicable as well.

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Josh Selby- Will be a spark
  • Josh Selby- Will be a spark for whatever team he goes to. Big problem I see is conditioning, he has bulked up & it has took a step from him. I see a very consistent player once he gets into HS playing shape.
  • Malcolm Lee- I can't see him playing the 2 just yet on the next level, because he does not have that knock down J, but once he gets that down pat I see him being a Jamal Crawford type.
  • Chandler Parsons- He is a walking mismatch, Chandler is so versatile that I can see him playing some 2 whenever his team once to go with a big lineup
  • LaceDarius Dunn- Needs to become more than just a spot up shooter, would like to see him work on taking people off the dribble & getting to the line more often.
  • Demetri McCamey- Has to do well in workouts to show us why we believed in him to be a 1st Round talent beggining of the season. Last year he led the nation in assist. He really needs to get back to that passing attack mode.
  • Jereme Richmond- Will be in the D-League for awhile until he matures mentally. Has all the talent in the world but he has to work on his J along with his mental make up. I can see big things once he adds a J.
  • Vernon Macklin- If he dominates workouts in pre-draft camps he could be a steal. Only thing is he really does not have any post moves on the offensive side except for a baby jump hook. Will become a legitimate physical prescence around the basket on the defensive end but is a risk with staying healthy as well.
  • Scotty Hopson- He is one of the best slashers in this class who has a good shot once he is on. Scotty really excels at attacking the rim from the baselines, would work well in a triangle type system.
  • Jacob Pullen- Undersized to play the 2 but has the heart of a champ. He leaves everything on the court & a team in the early 2nd will take a gamble on a player like him with his toughness.
  • C.J. Leslie- Very very raw athlete, if he stays he will have a lot of work to do during the offseason as far as his learning his NBA role. Is he a 3 or 4 that will be his biggest problem. Shot blocking machine who loves to play around the basket, but must either bulk up to play the 4, or learn how to dribble & shoot to play on the wing.
  • Iman Shumpert- Could be a very decent PG in the league, but I see more of a 2 with him. He loves to attack the basket. If he deffered more rather than score he would be awsome.
  • Austin Freeman- Austin is a risk because he is to big to play the 2 & too small to play the 3. He will be a liability on the defensive end because he will not be quick enough to guard the faster 2's around screens etc. As far as 3's go he is only 6'4'' & would have to match up with guys like LeBron & Melo.
  • Travis Leslie- If he plans on sticking around the league more then 2 years he will have to prove he is more than an athlete. Also he must develope a J. If it is working out for Gerald Henderson so far it could work for him.
  • Corey Fisher- Corey is a good player, but he must become more than a playground player. A lot of people are shying away from him & he has not been creating any buzz of lately for being a selfish player at Nova. He will be a decent career backup in a Mario Chalmers type of role.
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Josh Selby- Will fall in the

Josh Selby- Will fall in the 2nd round. He has a ton of work to do and a team drafting him will have to figure out what he is (PGorSG?). He has Talent but his deficiency may far out weight it. 

Malcolm Lee- He has great size/length for a PG, problem is he's not a very good one. He lacks the court vision and struggles to run an offense as a PG. But based on UCLA track records, UCLA players somehow end up become better NBA players than they were in college. This might be another occurring theme, Lee was a bluechip recruit coming out of highschool and does have talent. 

Chandler Parsons- An underrated prospect. Does alot of things on the floor such as handle the ball, defend, and rebound. Has good skillset for a 6'8 SF. 

LaceDarius Dunn- Great 3 point shooter, and could possibly be a good role/bench player in the NBA. His ability to make 3 point shot could make him a long term NBA player. 

Demetri McCamey- I have him as the most underrated/under appreciated prospects. He reminds me of Jarrett Jack. 

Jereme Richmond- He's so raw that I'm not even counting him to be anything in the NBA. Nothing more than athlete to me. 

Vernon Macklin- I haven't paid attention to him so I will hold judgement. 

Scotty Hopson- Ideal player as a scorer off the bench. He sorta reminds me of Nick Young in a sense where they both have the ability to score, but brings little else to the table. 

Jacob Pullen- I can see him playing overseas. His height 5'11, lack of athleticism, average speed/quickness will hinder him in the pros. 

C.J. Leslie- I think he will go in the Late 1st Round just based on his potential. Could be another Julian Wright. Has alot of talent, but I question his basketball IQ, and what is he (SForPF?)

Iman Shumpert- He will make a pretty solid role-player on the NBA. I see him as a cross between Antonio Daniels/Shannon Brown. 

Austin Freeman- Just not athletic or quick enough to be an NBA PG. And has alot of dificieny to even be a NBA SG. Could be an overseas player. 

Travis Leslie- Best athlete in the draft. It may take him awhile but I think he could be a starting NBA SG. He is a good deffensive player and plays hard. He is a cross between Azubuke/Gerald Henderson. 

Corey Fisher- His toughness and competitiveness is hard to doubt. I think he will have a career in the NBA, possibly a quality back PG ala Earl Watson. 

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McCamey can be a player in

McCamey can be a player in the NBA. Anthony Johnson and Anthony Carter had good long careers. I see him as a career backup because of his size and strength.

Corey Fisher reminds me of Kyle Lowry, I would take a chance with him.

You don't have Jimmy Butler listed but I have long thought he had a good enough midrange game to be effective in the league.

Travis Leslie will find his way onto a team and contribute sooner than later. If Mario West can find a job in the NBA for the last 3 years I am sure Leslie will. I don't know how good he can be, but if a team runs him off of curls and backcuts all night you will not want to see him coming.

Malcolm Lee does not impress me but neither did Westbrook or Holiday coming out of UCLA. He will get picked just because of his size if he has the ability to play PG at the next level.

Finally, the best player that I see being picked in the 2nd round is Klay Thompson. Father played in the league, his numbers are comparable to James Harden when Harden left and was picked in the lottery. He is being slept on IMO.

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Illinois Prospects

As far as i'm concerned, Demetri McCamey could be a top notch point guard if he sets his mind to it. He hasall the potential, as he is a great passer, and can be a very good jump-shooter, especially from behind the 3-pt line. Where he struggles is driving to the basket. You have to be able to drive in the NBA as a point guard. You can't solely rely on jump-shooting. If McCamey can improve on driving to the basket, I think he can be a superstar of a point guard.

Jereme Richmond has a ton of potential, but his maturity level sets him back. He honestly should have stayed in college to work on his shooting, because that's a negative. He also needed those four years of college to beef up. He will probably be drafted in the second round, and spend 2-3 years in the NBA D-League. I hope he can mature and spend his time wisely, because he's a good athlete.

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