Thomas Robinson to Houston

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Thomas Robinson to Houston

According to the game notes on ESPN for the OKC - Houston game:
"The Rockets reached agreements on two trades that will send Patrick Patterson, Cole Aldrich and Toney Douglas to Sacramento and Marcus Morris to Phoenix, a person familiar with the situation said Wednesday. The Rockets will receive Thomas Robinson, the No. 5 pick in last year's draft, Francisco Garcia and Tyler Honeycutt from the Kings, according to the person, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the deal had not been announced and was still pending league approval."

What are your thoughts? I think T Rob will get a much better chance to develop on the rockets than the kings, who seemingly gave up on Robinson way too soon, especially for such a high draft pick. This is a great move for the rockets but I have the feeling it won't be the last one for the season.

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Rockets also retrieved a

Rockets also retrieved a future 2nd round from the suns for Morris, who is now reunited with his brother

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Really surprised and

Really surprised and disapointed that Michael Beasley wasn't thrown in this trade. Trading Morris to PHX for a 2nd rounder was weirder then the Kings side.

Sacramento should of tried to get Terrence Jones in return who would of been a better fit then Robinson and got just as much upside, I always thought Jones would be a great complimentary player to Cousins. With Terrence Jones they would of been able to use his size and toughness on defense down low, and his passing and shooting to spread the floor for Cousins on offense. With Patrick Patterson they just got another PF whose gonna do nothing but launch 20 foot jumpers.

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You seriously wanted Michael

You seriously wanted Michael Beasley on the Kings? I seriously could not think of a worse scenario.

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I see a lot of chemistry

I see a lot of chemistry moves happening with this trade; both Morris Brothers should play better together like they are used to, and Cousins is reunited with his old frontcourt mate Patterson.

Patterson might not be a great addition on paper, but if he's a steadying influence on Cousins he'll be worth his weight in gold.

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Pretty rare for a GM to give up on such a high pick (i.e. admit such a colossal mistake) so quickly. Of course, by this point, Petrie probably doesn't even give a flying funk (seeing as his career is already over). Plus I seriously doubt he's still "calling the shots" anymore, anyways.

BTW, I wonder how many teams Cole Aldrich will end up playing for by the time his career is over? (I'm thinking, like, at least 9.) He has "well-traveled journeyman" written all over him, imo. (Maybe he should get that tattooed somewhere?)

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Trob must be humbled, talked

Trob must be humbled, talked alot yang back before the draft about how he should be number one. Right now, he is out of the top 10 in a redo.

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Wow! Finally the circus is

Finally the circus is getting startet.

Great move by the Rockets, really like it for them! Morris twins reunited and Robinson will have a much better surrounding to develope - not to mention on a playoff team.

Don't really understand what the Kings are doing, haven't solved any problems with that. Maybe a move to prepare another move but until now, not good at all.

The Rockets still have a lot of Money to spend in the summer, throw in an All star player at the 3 and they are set.

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Supposedly this is purely a

Supposedly this is purely a salary cut move for the Kings. They are shedding payroll. Paterson is good (and Rockets fans are sad to see him go) and his way cheaper than TRob. So short term it shouldn't hurt the Kings and long term they are just getting their finances in order.

TRob will obviously get better coaching with the Rockets. Also he will be held to a higher standard as he is now on a team contending for the playoffs. Since Patterson and Morris where the Rockets two main PFs, TRob is going to get meaningful playing time. Both Patterson and Morris could stretch the floor. And TRob hasn't taken a three all year. So this might create a spacing issue. Since Asik has not J at all, the Rockets already have a purely interior player on the court for most of the game. Now TRob showed a J in college, but Rockets offense does not believe in taking long twos. You either step back to the three, or they want you driving to the basket.

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Rockets want to flip this for

Rockets want to flip this for Josh Smith somehow. Lin, Harden, and Smoove would be a nasty combination

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SMH..Three Kansas players

SMH..Three Kansas players traded in these deals. Is it just me or does Kansas players come to the L and underachieve?

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It's a case by case situation

I follow all of them because of my college allegiance.

The Morris twins haven't, IMO. They were both late two lottery picks and are averaging 8/4 in their sophomore seasons. If your late lotto pick develops into a double digit scorer and a player worthy of a starting role, then I think you made out pretty well. I think both players will be capable of this when they hit their stride in year 3 or 4.

Aldrich has underachieved. He honestly did fool me. I thought he was much more NBA ready, but finally, in his 3rd year he is ready to contribute to a team; however, only at a backup level. When he does get some burn he does okay, now, but this wasn't always the case in his 1st and 2nd season. He needs to prove he can be a #2 center quick or he'll be out of the league soon.

Robinson hasn't been given enough of a chance to make a true evaluation. He started off Jan very hot with a couple double doubles and a handfull of double digit rebounding games, but his coach would never reward him for good play. He'd often get DNP-CDs or 4 min of garbage time after a double digit rebounding or scoring game. He's way to turnover prone for a power forward, but I think Sacramento was the worst place he could have gone for a competitor as firey as himself. He was furious after a summer league loss, I expect close to a comple 180 with him in Houston. I think he'll be 10/7/2 the rest of the year, if Houston gets him 25 mpg.

Brandon Rush was another late lotto pick and last season was 9/4 with good perimeter defense on 50/45/80 shooting. If he can recover from his injury he could be a 10 year pro as a 3 and D player. Again, late lotto doesn't mean everyone expects them to "tear up the league" like another poster referenced in another post.

Darrell Arthur was taken at the very end of the 1st round, and even though he has struggled with injuries has proved a valuable piece in Memphis' system providing great minutes backing up Z-Bo. During a stint in which he was filling in as a starter for an injured Z-Bo, he was a 14/8 player in as starting role and almost gives you 10 ppg off the bench for a playoff team.

Mario Chalmers was a 2nd round pick who may be one of the lower level starting point guards in the league, but was a freaking 2nd round pick who started for a team that won the title. He averaged 11.3 ppg 4 apg during the 11-12 playoffs and is a good defender on the perimeter. He's averaged over 1.5 spg 3 out of his 5 years in the league and his career scoring average is higher than 14 players that were drafted ahead of him.

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