Thomas Genaj Jr

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Thomas Genaj Jr

Class of 2014

Strengths: Physical canvas to grow into prototypical NBA or NCAA Division 1 wing. At 6'2 with 6'5 wingspan, his size is ideal ... Agile, fluid athlete with boundless potential. Has all the tools to develop into a prolific scorer ... Picture...sque shooting stroke with great lift, perfect follow through and high release point. His jump shot is indefensible ... Exhibits excellent three point range, shooting 36% in nearly four attempts per game ... Effective mid-range jump shooter as he can stop on a dime and elevate with ease ... Quick first step when decisive on attacking the tin ... Capable of making body adjustments in mid-air to finish ... With his length and lateral quickness, has all the tools to be a successful defender. Much Improved basketball IQ.

Weaknesses: Must add bulk to his frame ... Was easily knocked off balance on drives to the hoop and, despite a quick first step, had difficulty shedding defenders when closely guarded ... Does not currently possess the strength to finish in traffic ... His game is marked by passivity ... Attempted under two free throw attempts per contest ... Too often stands behind the three point line, feet locked to the ground, with his hands out ... Does not make a concerted effort to move without the ball or get open ... Half of his field goal attempts came from distance ... Ball handling is quite questionable ... Very rarely attempts a drive from the three point line to the basket ... Does not create offense for others ... His offensive game lacks imagination and is very predictable and one dimensional at this stage ... His three key areas for improvement: strength, ball handling and aggression, all go hand in hand ... Has worked hard to lower the exceedingly high arch on his jumper which placed restraints on his consistency ... Needs to become more active on the glass where he averaged under 3 boards ... Does not battle for position ... Needs to find the fire and desire to compete on defense when his energy level is too lo

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Anything on where this guy

Anything on where this guy might go to college at?

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I forget who is who also. But

I forget who is who also. But the one that mainly plays point is regarded a bit better by scouts, mainly because his PG skills are better.

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