These Particular Draft and Stashes

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These Particular Draft and Stashes

Anyone have any updates on how these guys are faring overseas and whether there is any palpable interest on them coming over? Also if you have any comparisons for the way they play....

2017 NBA Draft

Anzejs Pasecniks C 76ers 25th Pick

Vlatko Cancar SF Nuggets 49th Pick

Mathias Lessort PF 76ers 50th Pick

Nigel Williams-Goss PG Jazz 55th Pick

Sasha Vezenkov PF Nets 57th Pick

Alpha Kaba C Nuggets 60th Pick

2016 NBA Draft

David Michineau PG Clippers 39th Pick

Isaia Cordinier SG Nets 44th Pick

Petr Cornelie PF Nuggets 53rd Pick

Wang Zhelin C Grizzlies 57th Pick

2015 NBA Draft

Nikola Milutinov C Spurs 26th Pick

Juan Pablo Vaulet SF Nets 39th Pick

Arturas Gudaitis C Cavaliers 47th Pick

Marcus Erikkson SG Hawks 50th Pick

Dani Diaz SF Trail Blazers 54th Pick

Nikola Radicevic PG Nuggets 57th Pick

Dimitrios Agravanis PF Kings 59th Pick

Luka Mitrovic C Kings 60th Pick

2014 NBA Draft

Vasilije Micic PG 76ers 52nd Pick

Also any news regarding the fates of Livio Jean Charles- Spurs 2013 28th Pick, Alessandro Gentile Rockets 2014 53rd Pick, and Rade Zagorac Grizzlies 2016 35th Pick who were all waived before playing a game for their respective teams?

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Offline is is a great place to see whos doing what in europe. I just hopped over there out of curiosity and going through some of the starting fives of teams i see a handful of guys you mentioned and it gives their stats.

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Pasecniks is one prospect

Pasecniks is one prospect that I was high on going into the draft. He is a very skilled bigman who can play inside and out. He had a very impressive workout prior to the draft in which he displayed great co-ordination and range. Oh yeah, and he's 7'2". That always helps. He doesn't seemed to have improved much while playing overseas and I'm pretty doubtful that he comes stateside anytime soon.

Mathias Lessort is mainly an energetic hustle player. Most of his offense comes on playing physical and above the rim. A tad undersized for the center position but that hasn't stopped players like Kenneth Faried and Montrezl Harrell. I think Lessort will definitely end up in the NBA some time soon. The energy he brings is intriguing and he's the kind of player that the league seems to have a growing trend towards.

Alpha Kaba is a developing stretch-4/5. Athough he has seemed to have strayed away from shooting the 3, he has a nice stroke. Kaba's main attraction is his talents as a rim protector due to his great length and timing. Similar to Anzejs, Kaba has cooled down during his draft-and-stash years. Don't think he'll be making an NBA appearance in the near future.

Petr Cornelie is a pretty similar prospect to Alpha Kaba although is definitely the better long-range shooter of the two. Although they were from the same draft class, a nickname that was floating round for Petr Cornelie was the French Skal Labissiere. Cornelie is one guy I could see Denver bringing over. They could definitely spend the time developing him and hoping he becomes a great shot blocker and floor spacer off the bench ala Daniel Theis to play when Jokic is struggling defensively.

Sasha Vezenkov is a typical european basketball player. He's an underwhelming athlete but is a great shooter who is probably more suited for playing the 4 rather than the 3 due to his lack of quickness and pretty good rebounding. I don't think he's a good enough shooter to make the league on that skill alone.

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I thought i heard the Spurs

I thought i heard the Spurs were going to bring Milutinov over for this season.. it must be next then. I haven't seen him but to use a first rounder Nd then still keep him in mind as a roster player must mean he is alright. Anyone the Spurs bring in has to be able to contribute.

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Micic is having a huge

Micic is having a huge breakout season in the Euroleague. He is the best player on his team playing alongside former NBA players Rodrigue Beaubois and Shane Larkin, and was recently the slotted as the 7th player in the race to Euroleague MVP.

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Majority of those guys will

Majority of those guys will never play a single minute of NBA basketball

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Interesting the Nets have a

Interesting the Nets have a couple of longer termed stashed guys with them having given nearly all their picks over this time to Boston I thought they would have looked to get these guys across and see what they are like as the team was holding fire until it can go into full rebuild when it gets it's picks back.

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Nets already working on

Nets already working on developing 2 Euros in Kurucs and Musa. Both are looking pretty good so far. May be next year there'll be place for Vezenkov, but again 3 more top-40 picks.

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Alpha Kaba - I said it before

Alpha Kaba - I said it before he got drafted......

He can jump and block some shots but that is about it. He can't shoot, not really much IQ. Waste of a draft pick, I think he will never play in the NBA.

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