thad young

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thad young

ive only had a few posts on this site so far but i just wanted to see what you guys think of thad young.. im a big sixers fan, i watch most games and i dont know what to think of him.. at times he looks like the best player on the floor with his ability to score and get to the rim and at other times hes just stagnant.. i also dont think he has a true position cuz hes kind of a 3/4 tweener.. do you think he can be a consistent starter in the league?

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hes better suited off the

hes better suited off the bench, hes still only like 21 or 22, his ball handling is not strong, he def has talent

Tyreke Johnson
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Very athletic guy but to me

Very athletic guy but to me he is a tweener, too small and not strong enough to really defend the better PFs in the league but is too raw and does not have a consistent shot or have good enough ball handling skills to really be a solid starting SF therefore as Universal stated at this stage he is better suited coming off the bench.

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He's still young (no pun

He's still young (no pun intended) and still has plenty of upside. I personally am a big fan and think he could develop into a starting SF if a few years. I really don't see him every being a very capable PF though. Like everyone mentioned he lacks the strength and post D necessary to compete as a PF in the NBA. He could play a handful of minutes there in a fastbreak lineup but other than that I say he should be playing SF.

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