Terrico White let go by Pistons

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Terrico White let go by Pistons


Now Terrico was one of my favorite players coming out of the 2010 draft and was never given the opportunity due to injuries. I still think this guy can be a decent player off the bench or even 6th man at best. Would definitely love to see him in the dunk contest. What do you guys think about this and what teams y'all think should pick him up?

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I liked him a lot at Ole

I liked him a lot at Ole Miss, hope he latches on with a different team and can contribue. He's got great athleticism with a decent skill set, I'm sure some team will scoop him up.

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Here's hoping LAL takes a

Here's hoping LAL takes a flyer on dude. I'm a fan. Definitely needs to be in the dunk contest for sure. Can't believe they just let him go.

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The guy is probably the best

The guy is probably the best dunker in the NBA and he didn't cost much, you would think Detroit would let someone lse go.

I mean look a those hops:

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Blown away... I was expecting

Blown away... I was expecting him to be the reason they traded one of the SGs... I think White can be a nice starter in the league.. Play defense, run the floor, hit some threes... Pretty much Shannon Brown..

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I saw him as becoming A Jason Richardson type player good at everthing not great at anything but Hops.

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cleveland would be a

cleveland would be a more-than-ideal place where they can give him a shot as an athletic running mate next to kyrie irving..? maybe?

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I disagree somewhat Ben, the

I disagree somewhat Ben, the Cavaliers are full of athletic running mates at the wing positions; Alonzo Gee, Eyenga, Manny Harris.

I thought White would be a mainstay in the future for the Pistons but I suppose not. New Orleans could be in the market for an athletic 2-guard to spell Belinelli and possibly usurp him. He could be had for cheap and still has upside as a role-playing starter. Similarly, Charlotte could use an athletic wing to prepare for Gerald Henderson's inevitable injury breakdown this season.

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shaking my head right

shaking my head right now...

another reason why the pistons dont know what there doing...

with t-mac going to sign with the hawks, you would think that white would be given a shot

i know we have lots of guards, but with a young, mediocore team, why not give him a chance since he was injuired all last yr?

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I'm as taken aback about this

I'm as taken aback about this as everyone else... I figured they would atleast give him a chance.. Well... Personally I think he would fit in well with the wolves, the combination of him and wes johnson at 2 could be sweet..

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Some team will take a flier

Some team will take a flier on a guy who's athletic, a good shooter, and who has the size to play some of both guard spots if need be.

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I really wanted us to take

I really wanted us to take him in the 1st with our #27 pick

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He's a young guy with upside

He's a young guy with upside and is sure to get a few training camp invites, I'd be surprised if he isn't on a roster somewhere by opening night.

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