Terrible Terrible Terrible Player Comparisons For Shabazz

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Terrible Terrible Terrible Player Comparisons For Shabazz

Damn Aran Smith! You have some great player comparisons on your website
But Shabazz Muhammad plays nothing like Kerry Kittles or Latrell Sprewell

1. Kerry Kittles was a talented combo guard with very good shooting and scoring skills, who was also a very dynamic player in the open court ( example: fastbreak offense )

2. Latrell Sprewell was an elite level shooting guard who had elite level isolation scoring skills, great playmaking skills, and good defensive skills. He also played with an tremendous amount of toughness and heart

Best Player Comparisons For Shabazz Muhammad ( based off my opinion )
1. Isiah Rider ( AKA: JR Rider )
2. Caron Butler
3. Bonzi Wells

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"Good defensive skills, He

"Good defensive skills, He also played with an tremendous amount of toughness and heart"
"very good shooting and scoring skills, who was also a very dynamic player in the open court ( example: fastbreak offense )"

Am I going crazy or did he just describe Shabazz?

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Your Kerry Kittles

Your Kerry Kittles description matches Shabazz..

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I might be off base here but

I might be off base here but Shabazz reminds me of Richard Jefferson in his later years with the Nets.

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i havent seen much of Shabazz

i havent seen much of Shabazz but based on his size and athleticism and what I have seen if he is also a 2 feet dunker. Jason Richardson before he learned to shoot 3pts may be a comparison to look at.

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not a good comparison.

Jason Richardson is a freak athlete. Shabazz isn't very explosive. I don't get why people still think Shabazz is some electrifying explosive specimen, I keep seeing that everywhere and it seems these places wrote that before they watched him at UCLA. I have watched essentially every UCLA game this year and I have yet to see any explosive plays from him. You can't just watch his high school mix tapes and say that he is a freak athletically. Watch him on NBA style cameras such as at the Hoops Summit or this year at UCLA and you will find he is a good athlete but is essentially a below the rim player. He will give you a nice dunk every once in a while but it is his length that is making him seem more athletic than he actually is.

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no comparison

I don't have a valid comparison for him but if he ends up on a team with the green light I see a 18 plus point scorer out the gate and I want to see what everyone has to say then.

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Shabazz athletically looks

Shabazz athletically looks like DeShaun Thomas, right now. He actually plays like the shooting guard version of DeShaun Thomas. Both are heavy handed left, ultimate primacy, crashes for offensive rebounds only and have a bunch of quick release left handedhalf hook/floater/toss shots ala Jamison and Marion. Maybe even Harden without the ridiculous handle, they both play down hill.

(When he gets out of their lounge room and back into a weight room he will go back to being a rock solid athlete again. What made him look like a great athlete in HS was his motor and explosiveness. UCLA has a history of this not show casing guys athleticism like Westbrook and Jrue Holiday. Maybe in the end its worth it because maybe UCLA and Howland slows them down and they are more prepared mentally. NBA draft guys used to call it the Howland effect or something where you project a guy from a Ben Howland coached team higher than his stats would seem.)

I think that he is basically a version of JR and Bonzi Wells with the he should shoot every time primacy of Courtney Alexander.

I like his down hill assassin style game and I think it will transfer fine to the league. He's the type of player that feels he has an advantage no matter who is guarding him, either you're to slow, too small or too big and if your perfect then he still has the advantage because you don't know when he'll shoot all you know is that he'll shoot. He is going to post when its advantageous like Aaron Affalo but I like that he doesn't fade away, he fades into defenders on the block.

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I'm sticking with my "shorter

I'm sticking with my "shorter Harrison Barnes" w/motor comparison.

High volume scorer who lacks ball handling skills,solid rebounder for position, not a great passer or play maker. Doesn't do much when not scoring, comes through in clutch situations, high school hype...

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Funny thing is this site compared him to Kobe haha

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Kittles wasn't really a combo

Kittles wasn't really a combo guard. Spreewell does remind me of Shabazz for sure. I would say Shabazz could be a mix of Spreewell and Stackhouse...He isn't really an efficient scorer but he is going to get buckets and play hard. I like your Caron Butler comparison but Butler is a great team player. I see Shabazz as a Caron Butler type player but the problem is he thinks he is a Kobe Bryant type player.

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