Terrence Jones to Houston!

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Terrence Jones to Houston!

Not a textbook fit for the Rockets and I'm still excited.

Last we've seen from him he was a fairly reliable rebounder and he's a mismatch offensively for many guys on the other side of the ball. I vividly remember the guy giving LeBron matchup problems when Jones was a Pelican, so much so he had a ~30 point career night. An anomaly, sure. A nice glimpse at his capability though. Definitely not convinced their defense improves radically and I'm not sure D'Antoni loses much sleep over that. Very intrigued to see how Houston uses him in their scheme.

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He could probably play C in

He could probably play C in the league today. Very talented player but just never put it all together. Jumpshot came and went, great passer but turnover prone, good touch but bad free throw percentage. Should be interesting to see how he returns.

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I always thought this guy

I always thought this guy should have been a terror on defense. 6-9, long arms, athletic, can block shots but also quick enough to guard guys on the perimeter. He showed flashes his first few seasons with the rockets but never really put it all together. Had some injuries and inconsistent mins and effort and was out of the league quickly. Not sure what to expect from him now, but this at least has the potential to be a sneaky good signing with minimal risk. He was up to 38% from 3 in the d league this season, which is an area he struggled with during his nba career.

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He was really really good for

He was really really good for the Pels actually but Alvin Gentry being the dunce that he is kepot on starting Dante Cunningham over him even though Jones was producing both stats-wise and PER wise. He's a lot like Randle actually, with better D.

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