Teams in that no mans land/should be further along than they are...

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Teams in that no mans land/should be further along than they are...

So question for everyone/anyone:

Which teams should be further along than they are or shouldn't be as bad as they have been?

My teams for the top 4 in this list:

The Bulls-Boy are they in serious need of a front office shake up. Injuries have hurt but still...

The Suns-Honestly didn't think they would stink this much..They should almost bring Earl Watson back as he at least had them in the top 10 offense and trending in the right direction compared to whatever poor old Igor is doing...

Utah-I thought they would be in mix for the 5-8 spot and building on last years success, but boy have the came back down to earth the Blazers had a similar season post LMA and I thought they would drop but they have risen vs fallen unlike the Jazz..

Houston-From 2nd in the West to 2nd last...I can't tell if they are intentionally tanking for a big name or doing as they are in cap hell due to maxing out CP3(dumb move as he is declining) or if there window just got slammed completely shut due to not being able to do anything F.A wise/Trade wise..

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As a Suns fan I would have

As a Suns fan I would have hoped with the younger core a year further on and adding Ayton they would have improved.

Also looking at next year's draft - Williamson would be a great fit for the Suns but could Booker and RJ play together or if RJ plays at SF then you have to move one of the younger swingmen. Bol Bol is up to 3rd on the draft but could he and Ayton be a twin towers. Cam Reddish would create another SF logjam. So Williamson apart I don't see obvious draft upgrades.

The Hornets always seem to be a late lottery team or 7th or 8th seed over the last few years maybe they need a reboot.

Utah and Denver are another couple of teams in the mid ground area.

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Got to be the TWolves for me. Even before the Butler disaster I thought this team was the next big thing.

Wiggins has obviously disappointed to an extreme degree and KAT really just hasn't taken the next step he should have. KAT was considered on par or slightly behind Anthony Davis by most not very long ago and now it feels like that gap between them is massive.

TWolves with and without Butler have been the epitome of mediocre. They're in a true "no man's land". Just good enough to possibly avoid the lottery but may not even make the playoffs, and if they do they're almost guaranteed a 1st round out.

I really hope they turn it around, things have looked a little better since they removed the lockeroom cancer that is Butler.

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Utah - everyone thought they

Utah - everyone thought they would be alot higher.

Donny Mitchell playing hero ball and chucking up low %. So much for the future hall of famer alot of kids on here thought he would be.....

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I was high on him as a

I was high on him as a prospect, but never imagined he’d be a top 50 player. He’s basically an inefficient, high volume chucker. Good value at the 13th pick, but not someone you want to rely on to carry an offence. See also: Dion Waiters.

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Suns for sure..I thought they would be doing what the Kings are doing this year. Mangement has to take accountability though. You have all these SF's and no PG's. Draft a SF, signed another one while you have TJ and Josh..just doesn't make sense...and a couple years ago you take two PF's in the lottery that are now bust...very poorly ran organzation.

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Most teams in the West are

Most teams in the West are "stuck".

Most teams in the East have been stuck for decades but we knew that already.

The Memphis Grizzlies seem to be stuck between fighting for the playoffs and Seattle.

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Utah has played 18 of 28 on

Utah has played 18 of 28 on the road, and some of their home games have been against Golden State and Toronto. While teams like the Grizzlies, Clippers, Mavs, Kings, Nuggets, and Lakers are better, I still think that they are not all that far off what one would have expected given the early schedule. Some good teams will miss the playoffs in the West.

The Rockets desperately need some young legs in their rotation, and that doesn't seem likely to be addressed this year. Paul is not having a great year, but the problems are all over. Eric Gordon has become more of a one-trick pony since going to Houston. A guy can't be the three-point shooting specialist at 31 percent. Gerald Green has had an awful start, but 14-years in to his career might struggle to bounce back. They are running PJ Tucker into the ground by asking him to play a career high in minutes. Carter-Williams is a parody of his old scouting report. A bigger part of the reason than some acknowledge about why their defensive metrics were good last year was that they got up and made teams chase points, which led many of them to make bad decisions (quick shots, bad shots, etc.). That is gone.

The Bulls and Suns are young teams who have played this year without a point guard, which has proven to be dangerous to the development of young players. One Dunn gets back up to speed, I think the Bulls will likely take a step forward offensively, but the Suns have done their young players no help by ignoring that spot and asking Devin Booker to be their James Harden.

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Jazz tough road schedule will soon even out

Jazz have had the toughest schedule EVER. It will even up soon but not until closer to Christmas. I’d expect by around mid feb. the jazz will be back in the playoff mix. Probably 7th or 8th in the West.

As for DMitch, I think he’d be a better PG than people tend to think. He just needs to get more reps there. But as long as Rubio is there he will be stuck playing the 2. He’s a little small for that spot. Put him at the one and he’d be on much more even ground. I expect Rubio to leave Utah this offseason, so we will have to see who Utah brings in come free agency, but I expect both Rubio and Favors to be gone.

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