Teammate Of The Year Award

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Teammate Of The Year Award

Has anyone touched on this? Sorry if Someone has but I couldn't find a topic anywhere on here about it.

The NBA is adding a new award to its growing stable, as the inaugural Twyman-Stokes Teammate of the Year Award will be announced and presented on Sunday night at 7 p.m. ET. The announcement will come just one hour before Game 2 of the 2013 NBA Finals between the San Antonio Spurs and Miami Heat tips off.

This accolade will recognize both the on-court achievements and off-court leadership of players around the league.

Here are the finalists (weirdest list I've ever seen)

Finalist Team
Jerry Stackhouse Brooklyn Nets
Luke Walton Cleveland Cavaliers
Andre Iguodala Denver Nuggets
Jarrett Jack Golden State Warriors
Roy Hibbert Indiana Pacers
Chauncey Billups Los Angeles Clippers
Shane Battier Miami Heat
Roger Mason Jr. New Orleans Hornets
Jason Kidd New York Knicks
Serge Ibaka Oklahoma City Thunder
Manu Ginobili San Antonio Spurs
Emeka Okafor Washington Wizards

here's the full article by Bleacherreport:

Who do you think wins? What do you think of this new award?

I think it's a nice award, to be honest. I think Jarrett Jack or Manu should win, both helped their teams and took bench positions to help the team. But most of these guys are pretty deserving.

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I agree with you that Manu

I agree with you that Manu Ginobili deserves the award.

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You can't really predict a

You can't really predict a award like this but I'll throw out 3 names. Billups, Kidd, and Battier.

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I would add Tony Allen to

I would add Tony Allen to that list too

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and what about Cousins or

and what about Cousins or Howard...? this award is biased...

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Jarret Jack

He was the vocal and emotional leader for the W's. He gave them a toughness they didn't have in previous years and his play was deserving of the 6th man.He is loved in the Bay Area (I live here) for just as much off the court...He hosts random fans for dinner at his house! I love JJ and I hope he resigns.

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Why not?

Give this award to one of the ultimate cheerleaders...Robert Sacre and Kent Bazemore lol. Being able to cheer like that without really playing has to make them great teamates right?

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How is Luke Walton a

How is Luke Walton a finalist? Doesn't make the award credible

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Give it to Kidd.

I say give to Jason Kidd. Let it serve as a parting gift for his retirement from the NBA. But honestly speaking Jason Kidd also deserves this kind of award.

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Sad Kendrick

 photo sapperk_zpsde2bb292.png

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Someone on yahoo sports is

Someone on yahoo sports is claiming they have learned that Billups just won the award...

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No doubt he is a great leader

No doubt he is a great leader on and off the court. He actually helped coach the Clippers this year with his injury. A great person definitely. I'm guessing that's why he won.

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Sorry to be the history nerd

Sorry to be the history nerd of the thread but for those who don't know the award is named for Jack Twyman and Maurice Stokes.

Stokes was drafted 2nd overall in the 1955 draft by the Rochester (later Cincy) Royals. He won rookie of the year in 1956 and was All-NBA second team for the first three years of his career. He could do everything, in 1957-58 he led the Royals in rebounds (18.1 second in the league), and assists (6.4 third in the league) and was third on his team in scoring with 16.9 PPG. At 6-7 and 232 lbs he would be well built by todays standards, for the 50s he was an absolute beast. But unfortunately he fell hard to the floor and struck his head on the court. He later had a seizure, fell into a coma and ended up paralyzed due to a brain injury.

His teammate and friend Jack Twyman stepped to the plate. Twyman, who would go on to have a Hall of Fame career, fundraised to get enough money to help Stokes pay his medical bills and then became his legal guardian to help him continue to pay those bills and help take care of him. Until the day Lucas died 12 years later he took care of his teammate. Twyman would go on to be an analyst for the NBA on ABC and a very successful businessman. He passed away last year.

Pretty heavy stuff and just an awesome way to remember those two players.

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Billups deserves the award in

Billups deserves the award in order to honor his legacy. If this award was around for the past 10 seasons Billups would have won at least twice. (1) The year the Pistons won the title. (2) The year he took the Nuggets to the WCF

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Patty Mills. he averages a

Patty Mills. he averages a league-leading 25.2 daps per game off the bench.

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