A-Team VS B-Team:Bring 80's Back

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A-Team VS B-Team:Bring 80's Back

I was on the B-Team, the A-Team had everything you could desire real uniforms,cheerleaders with all of their teeth in their mouth, ( we got old grandmothers, trying to do cheers for us), the A-Team had Gatorade( we had Kool-Aid). The A-Team had better athletes & were better overall, but never trusted each other & played more 1on1 ball, the B-Team did'nt have a choice but to play as a team because of the lack of Top Talent. The same case can be made about NBA in 80's & today. There were a ton of great teams, even though the League was top heavy. Their were i think 3 or 4 teams win Chips in the 80's. although the Lakers were the team of the Decade, it was still I believe the most competitive time in the NBA. B-Team types of Squads (Cle,Min,Mem, etc.etc,) Can still compete they just have to draft well & spend $$$ wisely. CGrant GM for Cavs is a former scout so for him to pay 12million for an extra draft pick means he will draft well. I expect Cavs to rebound fast. Raps are not to far behind, some of these teams B-Teams will get multiple chances to draft well & i think with spreading the talent everyone can compete. I am excited about playoffs push & to see The direction that the B-Teams go in

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