Team led by 6-11 13 year old loses tournament to team led by 6-3 Slovenian 14 year old

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Team led by 6-11 13 year old loses tournament to team led by 6-3 Slovenian 14 year old

Was thinking of whether or not to post this, as I think it is super unfair and a tad ridiculous to highlight prospects that young. I mean, I like finding out about new talent, just usually want to give them time to be kids and develop. However, in the spirit of April Fools, thought this would be a good headline.

Yesterday, when trying to find out some information on Ilimane Diop who had recently played a friendly match against Germany for Spain's U18 team, I came across an interesting headline. I do not speak Spanish, but it seemed to be indicating their was a player who was 2.10 m (approximately 6-11) and was only 14 years old. Upon further research, I found that Khadim Sow is of Senegalese descent, was playing for Gran Canarias in this tournament and, according to his age documented on this spanish basketball site will not be 14 until September.

Well, my first reaction was, "you are kidding me?" He seems to be able to move fairly well and just does not in the least seem like a 13, or even 14 year old. Still obviously has a long ways to go, but I guess Khadim being 13 is the story they are sticking to for now. Their is another Spanish born player on his team Acoydan McCarthy who seems like a very intriguing prospect as well. I spanish to english translated an article on him, his father I guess is from Ghana, mother from Spain. Looks to be very athletic and one to look out for down the line.

The guy who really stands out (for things besides being an almost 7 foot 13-14 year old) skills wise is Luka Doncic. Eurohopes had been talking about Doncic for close to a year and his skill set for a kid who would be a HS freshman starting in September is highly impressive. He is of Slovenian descent and plays for Real Madrid's youth team. Of course this is REALLY early in the process to be saying much, but their are a few videos on his profile that show his potential. He very well could end up being a top European prospect, though his draft eligibility as it currently stands would not see him picked until earliest 2017.

So, happy April Fools, hope this is not to strange and if you want to read up about some interesting young prospects, than here you go. The article is in Spanish, though if you look up a Spanish to English translator, you can get the gist of it. Also, their is a video of the 3rd and 4th quarters. Doncic is #9 in black, McCarthy is #12 in blue and Sow (not that you would miss him) is #15 in blue. Doncic is the one who definitely stands out the most though, and he eeks out the close 60-59 victory for Madrid over Canarias.

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