Tanking was worth it

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Tanking was worth it

Look at the top20 or so players, if you got a lottery pick this year you did good yourself, the best ceiling for these guys might not be as high Embiid or Wiggins but if they pan out youre getting a very good-to-all star caliber player.

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Tanking is one thing,putting it all together is another. I have never been a fan of this process at all. But it beats being just good enough to make the post season but never having enough to really contend.. being stuck in mediocrity like the hawks,the griz,the rockets,the knicks etc.

But I would much rather pay to see those teams fight than to see a team full of wash outs while the lottery level talent spends its next seasons overseas or in rehab.

by the time philly is done tanking mcw will be at the end of his rookie deal.

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I have been levelling my

I have been levelling my crafting as of late. I main a PLD. Are the pentameld tanking accessories worth the cost at this point or should I wait...



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