Taking an effort to remember Orlando

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Taking an effort to remember Orlando

I tell you, Dwight is the most thoughtful player NBA has ever known. Artman must be proud.

Taking an effort to remember Orlando.

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If healthy, there’s little

If healthy, there’s little doubt that Golden State possess the most talent of this bunch but staying on the court will be a huge hurdle to overcome this season in Oakland.

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Duhon and Blake are capable

Duhon and Blake are capable of serving as a quality backup to the starting Steve Nash, which makes it unnecessary for the Lakers to keep both. There isn’t enough minutes for both of them behind Nash, and the Lakers payroll is already way over the luxury tax threshold. They also have second-year point guard Darius Morris who they like. So, with four point guards on the roster, it appears that Blake or Duhon will be the odd man out sometime before the deadline.

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“It’s just going to make me

“It’s just going to make me better, a better player,” says Davis. “I can see what my weaknesses are and see what I have to work on.”

Hornets head coach Monty Williams already sees some important signs of leadership from his young star and couldn’t be happier with his performance to date.

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“I expect to be in

“I expect to be in contention, especially for the playoffs,” Thompson said. “We have a very good team this year. There’s a lot of depth, especially when healthy, we got a lot of depth, a lot of youth. I think we can surprise a lot people.”

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if he can find his rookie

if he can find his rookie shooting form. Add in the return of three-point shooting wing Alan Anderson and the likelihood of sharpshooter Jose Calderon finding additional minutes in a two point guard lineup, and Ross’ opportunities to use his skill were under threat from day one. This Raptors’ training camp and preseason has been very competitive.

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