T-Wolves looking good so far

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T-Wolves looking good so far

The Timberwolves have played their first two pre-season games and they did it well.

I'm not saying they're going to compete for something but they're exciting to watch.

Ridnour looks like he can handle the offense, although he was terrorized by Douglas today.

Wes Johnson was solid so far and Michael Beasley played as if his head really was in the game.

The most impressing player on that roster to me clearly was Martell Webster. Altough I thought he would shine more as defensive presence, he showed everyone that he can't be left open around the perimeter or else it's money in the bank.

But than there are the turnovers... And of course it's only pre-season.

But I'm hoping that this young team can sum up for maybe 23 W's this season and take it as a step of learning.

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This is the preseason..But

This is the preseason..But Beasley look like his mind is into the game..Webster have played well, he might get that starting shooting guard spot..and Love is displaying more leadership..Love & Beasley look good playing together at times on the court...

But the T-Wolves are 2-0 is just like saying they're 0-2...

Most of the other teams coaches are working on new plays and trying to get a feel of certain players..And the stars only play about 20 minutes..

Wesley still haven't learned to put the ball on the floor..and he camps out at the 3 point line too much...

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the twolves look good and

the twolves look good and should be good in the future. i think they will be in some games but they will still be in the lotto but they are going in the right direction

they have ALOT of good shooters which should win them some games. everyone seems to try hard on defense even beasley. they have some pretty good rebounders in love and beasley

darko is average but thats better then below average:)

i really like wesley johnson. right now he defers to the other guys but he hits shots when he's open or with a hand in his face and thats a big plus

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i would love to see webster

i would love to see webster on the jazz! real talk

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The Wolves starters aren't playing the entire game, they are getting around twenty minutes. The wolves earned some credit in Europe.

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Todays game against the Knicks

Kevin Love 4/16 from the field

Michael Beasley 4/12 from the field

Wes Johnson 4/5 ....dude needs to shoot more.

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T-wolves were extremly

T-wolves were extremly sloppy.

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so are the nets 2-0 and they

so are the nets 2-0 and they were the 2 worst teams last year so it doesnt mean mch. PLus la lakers didnt even try they went to the city for trip while twolves practiced hahaha

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Means nothing

Its just the preseason. The fact that 2 consecutive victories in exhibition games that dont count makes you think you have "cred" is hillarious, and Im very sorry that is considered big news to you guys. Been a long time since KG was there it feels like sometimes...

That said, they are going in the right direction. A couple solid young pieces, and enough depth that almost everybody is expendable to a certain degree. They dont have the dominant players to be in the playoff hunt, but I think that they will be good enough to beat you if you play bad against them.

Getting Beasley was huge, they still need ALOT of help at the C position, but espcecially if Beasley gets close to his potential, they will be better.

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Wes Johnson is doing exactly

Wes Johnson is doing exactly what he did at Cuse and what people thought he would do early in the league. I'll say it again, he's the best pure shooter in the draft last year, gets tremendous lift of his jumper has deep range, a quick release, and hits contested shots with his high/quick release. The ball rarely sticks in his hands which will at least improve his efficiency while he works on his handle. Hes a good rebounder and above average passer. Can you really knock 12 points on 5 shots? Its early and hes showing good fundamentals and spacing. Shout out to Wes, and he's hoping he can get some time with Beasley manning the 3 and Webster playing so well.

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