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what so far has been the biggest suprise.

how well cp3 has been playing.

knicks getting swept

how well celtics have been playing

how d.rose is playing

the brandon roy/blazers come back

spurs being down 2-1

magic being down 3-1

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roy's comeback- seeing how he

roy's comeback- seeing how he played the previous games who wud of expected tht 4th quarter outburst

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knicks being swept...i

knicks being swept...i expected them to at least win one game.

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knicks bein swept..... i

knicks bein swept..... i really thought that would be a 6 or 7 game series just for the fact that its playoff time and the knicks have melo and amare, really dissapointed how the series turned out

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I am EXTREMELY surprise of

I am EXTREMELY surprise of how Grizzlies is handling the Spurs, considering they are playing without Rudy Gay. I was for sure this would be a sweep, and at best Grizzlies winning one game, but the Spurs are in a dog fight with this series.

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Knicks getting swept is a surprise but not considering they lost Billups in game one and Amare got hurt at the start of game 2 and never regained his explosiveness. Considering the team they were left to field after those injuries, a sweep shouldn't surprise you.

I think B Roy's big game is the story of the first round. If CP 3 can unseat the Lakers though that changes. CP3 was playing better at the end of the season and of course we knoe the Lakers can't check a small point guard. So I'm not surprised. If it is enough to win four games, then it becomes one of the biggest upsets in league history.

Grizzlies handling a Spurs team who were without Manu for a few games and still have only a hurt Manu playing is not a surprise if you understand how good Manu was this year (by far best player on the Spurs) and how solid the Grizz ralied down the stretch.

I don't understand the Rose comment though. What is Rose doing in the playoffs that is so surprising? Do you mean he is playing surprisingly well or surprisingly badly? Frankly, I'm not surprised by anything I'm seeing. He had some tough shooting nights. Does that surprise you? He carried major offensive load and closed out some games for clutch hoops to get the win. Does that surprise you? The guy is great and he is doing real well. Where is the surprise?

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i say roys 4th qtr

i say roys 4th qtr

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As a Laker fan, I am really surprised how they are struggling with New Orleans. I always felt like they would turn it on in the playoffs, although I am having doubts. Although, they did struggle with OKC in the first round last year.

I echo some of you others- the Knicks getting swept is unacceptable from NY's perspective.

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