Suns - Kings trade idea?

Suns get - #5 pick, tyreke evans, jason thompson

Kings get - #13 pick, grant hill (kings need a vet leader, also true SF) channing frye, robin lopez

Suns should pick up barnes or lillard!

Kings could get someone like lamb or ross to come off bench for both offensive but def on the defensive end!

dont think it would happen, but if the kings want to get rid of evans, im sure phoenix wouldnt mind taking him to fill the 2 spot.


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Why do they swap draft picks?

Why do they swap draft picks? The Kings are likely giving up the top two players in that trade (Evans and the #5 pick). Their is too much talent flowing from Sacramento for that trade to work.

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kings are looking to trade

kings are looking to trade evans anyways, rumors tho. suns are looking to rebuild im assuming. kings by looking at the roster would have a pretty good line up and bench. kings wouldnt need a top 5 player, they said they were picking drummond anyways, kings are guard heavy so they would still get a great player at 13.

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Hll is 72 and he's UFA, lopez is RFA, frye is a P.O.S.

You should add warrick to the kings, cousins to the suns, that should work.

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The pecking order is clear.

The pecking order is clear. Griffin and Paul are the team’s superstars. The mantra from the rest of the squad was sacrifice for a greater chance at the title.

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