Stephen Dennis

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Stephen Dennis

I was wondering what you guys thought of his pro potential. I played with him back in high school and have really seen a lot of progression out of him. He really developed into a great all around player in college. I think he's got a lot of potential down the road and could be a solid back up in the league. He has good ball handling skills, a scorers mentality and good on ball defense. He is a little skinny right now and his frame isn't really equipped to put on a ton of weight but he does have room to put on some muscle. I think with some grooming he could end up being a better defensive version of Flip Murray. I hope he makes it, he's a good guy and really worked hard on his game.

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The Knicks loved this guy a

The Knicks loved this guy a couple months ago. I seen him in practices and stuff. He looks like he could use a couple (3-4) seasons in the NBDL/Overseas

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Why don't any of my forum

Why don't any of my forum posts show up on the homepage like yours?

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