Status Update: Sim Bhullar

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Status Update: Sim Bhullar

During the last 16 Games (all starts) Sim Bhullar (list at 7'5" 360) has averaged:

  • 27 MPG
  • 12 PPG (60% FG; 50% FT)
  • 7.5 RPG (2.9 Offensive)
  • 2.6 BPG
  • 1.1 TO/gm
  • 2.1 FPG
  • 13-3 Team record

I am honestly pretty surprised that Bhullar, a 360 pound guy, has been able to stay on the court for 27 MPG and not commit a whole bunch of fouls and turnovers.

From the game snippets I`ve seen of him, I think his defensive positioning in the post is above average while his pick and roll D is horrible.

Overall, I think Bhullar is showing good development through the season and is having a great season for a Freshman big.

Anyone have insights on this guy? I know he plays in a weak conference in the WAC, but those numbers are impressive for ANY freshman Big.

What is the draft position range you guys would take him in this draft/ next draft? (if he declares early)

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I remember him giving the

I remember him giving the business to Nerlens Noel a couple years back when they were juniors at the GLobal Games. One of the best 'really big' bigs I've seen. Not sure sure if that will translate to success at the next level, but he's showing he can be effective without a defensive 3-second ticker.

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