Status of Lakers Pick???

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Status of Lakers Pick???

a friend of mine tried to convince me that the Lakers were not really this bad, that they were intentionally tanking to get a good draft pick,
I told him he was stupid, the lakers didn't have a draft pick, then i read this,
and remembered that teams can not trade pics 2 years in a row,( Lakers did not draft in the first round last year)
now I am confussed, what is the status of the Lakers pick? have I had to many beers? am i wrong on teams trading 1st round pics 2 years in a row?
and can we all agree they are not tanking, but are really bad right now?

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They're not tanking. They're

They're not tanking. They're just bad.

My understanding is that they get the worst 1st round pick that Cleveland can get their hands on and then have to give that to Phoenix for to complete the Nash trade.

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I think Turnip has got it

I think Turnip has got it right on the head, basically if the Lakers pick is none lottery lets say 18th then Cleveland has the right to swap this with the Miami first round pick they get from the LeBron trade lets say this was 27th pick. This transaction arose from the Ramon Sessions trade.

We assume Cleveland swaps picks then the Lakers have to send Miami pick to Suns as part of the Steve Nash trade.

If the Lakers don't make the play offs apart from much laughing around a lot of the league they keep their pick.

But the real winners could be Cleveland if the Lakers just make the play offs they could have a likely 10 place upgrade on the draft pick they get from the various trades. Thus alongside their own almost certain lottery pick, Chris Grant and co will have another likely top 20 pick.

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I thought that all it would

I thought that all it would take is for the Lakers not to make the playoffs to transfer the pick to the Suns. If you read past all that confusing pick swap stuff on any pick transaction page, at the end it'll say something like: " If the L.A. Lakers' 1st round pick is within the top-14 selections, Phoenix will automatically receive the L.A. Lakers' 1st round pick."

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It is complicated, but the LA

It is complicated, but the LA Times article set it straight. The Lakers don't have a first round pick under any circumstance.

Currently the Lakers (9-12) are not in position to make the playoffs, but the team has every expectation that the return of Steve Nash and Pau Gasol will change its fortunes.

Looking ahead to the 2013 NBA draft, the Lakers have already made a number of transactions.

When the franchise acquired Ramon Sessions last season from the Cleveland Cavaliers, the Cavs gained the right to swap first-round picks.

The likelihood of that transaction taking place is slim as the Lakers' pick is top-14 protected. The 4-17 Cavaliers would need to make the playoffs and finish with a better record than the Lakers for any exchange to be viable.

After the Cleveland obligation is sorted out, whichever pick the Lakers possess is then due to the Phoenix Suns for the Steve Nash trade.

[For the Record, 5:45 p.m. Dec. 11: The original post said if the Lakers do not make the playoffs, they will keep that protected pick. The pick is only protected in the trade with the Cavaliers, not in the trade with the Suns.

The Cavs may have picks from the Miami Heat (top-10 protected) and the Sacramento Kings (top-13 protected). Whichever pick is furthest from the No. 1 pick can go to the Lakers in exchange for L.A.'s first-round pick, at the Cavaliers' discretion.

Cleveland is mostly likely to have the Miami pick which would presumably be swapped with the Lakers (if they're in the playoffs). The Suns would then end up with Miami's first.

How does that impact the Lakers? It doesn't.

Whether the pick goes to the Cavaliers or a Lakers, Cleveland, Miami or Sacramento pick goes to the Suns, the Lakers still aren't going to pick in the first round of the 2013 NBA Draft barring an additional trade.]

The Lakers also have their own second-round pick. Though they do owe a 2013 second-round selection to the Suns for Nash, the pick to be conveyed comes from a previous trade with the Denver Nuggets.

The Lakers might actually have two second-round picks. Thanks to a nearly forgotten Chris Mihm trade, the Memphis Grizzlies' selection will go to the Lakers if it's in the 56-60 range.

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