Statistical analysis of nba's best point guard's

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Statistical analysis of nba's best point guard's

I have alway's loved basketball stats;and am fortunate enought to have a lot of down time at work;so I thought it might be interesting to see who would come out on top in terms of the best at each position.The formula is simple:add the total ppg,rpg,apg,for a player's entire career.
Here are the results:
1-Oscar Robertson-42.7-25.7ppg,7.5rpb,9.5apg.The only player in Nba history to average a triple double per game for a whole season!!!!
2-Jerry West-42.5
3-Magic Johnson-37.9
4-Allen Iverson-37.0.Not really a point guard,but has averaged 7 assist per game over his career
5-Dwayne Wade-36.6-See above
6-Chris Paul-34.1
7-Pete Maravich-33.8see AI and Dwade
8-Gilbert Arenas-32.5
9-Isiah Thomas-32.1
10-John Havlicek-31.9-Really played both point and shooting guard positions.
11-Bob Cousy-31.1
12-Walt Frazier-30.9
13-Kevin Johnson-30.3
14-Dave Bing-30.1
15-Willie Somerset-30.1-Who?Somerset was a two-year wonder in the old Aba.
16-Stephon Marbury-29.9
17-Steve Francis-29.7
18-Jason Kidd-29.7
19-Charlie Scott-29.6
20-Tim Hardaway-29.3
21-Warren Jabali-29.1-Another old Aba player
22-Tiny Archibald-28.5
23-Baron Davis-28.2
24-Reggie Theus-28.1
25-Lenny Wilkens-27.9
26-Deron Williams-27.8
27-Richie Guerin-27.3
28-Michael Ray Richardson-27.3
29-Gary Payton-26.9
30-Norm Nixon-26.6
31-Gail Goodrich-26.5
32-John Stockton-26.3
33-Andre Miller-26.2
34-Fat Lever-26.0
35-Mike Bibby-25.8
36-Jimmy Jones-25.4-Another old aba guy.
37-Gus Williams-25.4
38-Steve Nash-25.4
39-Tony Parker-25.4
40-Randy Smith-25.0
41-Ray Williams-24.9
42-Sam Cassell-24.9
43-Penny Hardaway-24.7
44-Mark Price-24.5
45-Calvin Murphy-24.4
46-Archie Clark-24.4
47-Mookie Blaylock-24.3
48-Ralph Beard-24.1
49-Alvin Robertson-24.1
50-Jason Terry-24.0
50-Michael Adams-24.0
I will be back to post the other positions soon!

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