State of the Lakers

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State of the Lakers

So I saw a news article on CBS today about how the Lakers had a team meeting to air out some issues on and off of the court.

It got me thinking about a few things... One it seems like the Lakers try and fail every single year lately to pick up a top flight free agent. They try to trade away all their salary and compile young assets for potential trades or attractiving big names during the offseason. Yet every year swing and a miss. Paul George seems like the closest to sure thing and yet something tells me he might reup with the Thunder for a few more years if things progress well this season.

The article also discusses how it must be hard for some of the young players due to the situation dealing with all of this because they may get dumped at any time. Yes they might be a little overstocked at power forward and yes Clarkson while he can get buckets isnt much of an effiient player but it seems to me like they have some young talent. Kuzma is a certified beast who works really well in the modern NBA. Ingram looks more and more like a mini Durant all the time this season. Lonzo Ball may be having a sloppy start but I definitely think hell get it together. Julius Randle looks like a beast at times, passes well for a big man and yet can barely even get on the court some nights. And theres other good young talent on this team.

Basically what I'm wondering is, is that is it honestly worth screwing with these guys heads and development when it seems like they have some pretty decent long term prospects? Heck they might luck out and snag George, Love and Klay Thompson in the next few years or some of the other stars that'll be on the market. But throwing together "Super Teams" over night doesnt always seem like a sure thing unless one of those players is one of the two or three best in the league.

This was a heckish long write up but I'm wondering what are your guys thoughts on the Lakers current approach? I'm not saying they should tank-a-thon like my Sixers but I think they have some good pieces for the future and I dont think any random amalgamation of stars is going to stop the Warriors or Cavs unless LBJ shows up in Laker Land (I really doubt it).

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