Start Your Own Team

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Start Your Own Team

This may have been done before.. not sure but I think it's a cool idea.

You start your own expansion team at the end of this year. You get to pick your nickname, jersey's, where you play out of, etc.

You get the #1 pick in the upcoming draft, and for arguments sake let's say you have the 14th pick also. As well has the 31st.

So you have 3 draft picks, you also need to sign free agents, and fill the rest of your roster out also.

You also need to hire a head coach.

Any other things you would like to add go ahead...


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My Team

My team would be the Vegas Sidewinders. For those of you that dont know a sidewinder is a desert snake that looks like it has horns

I would take Bazz with my first pick, Burke with my 14th, and Withey with my 31st.

For my coach I would look at an assistant coach like Brian Shaw or Mo Cheeks.

For the free agents I am going by who would be available this summer and I would target Jose Calderon to start in place of Burke until he is ready. If I could sign him to a 2 or 3 year deal for a good price it would be great because he can contribute right away while teaching Burke and when he is ready then Calderon can be the backup. I would also look at someone like AJ Price to be a third point.

At the two I really think Bazz can start there from day one. And the odds are that we would have a legit shot at getting either Wiggins or Parker in the next draft so I am banking on Bazz as a two. I would look to sign a good shooter and a good defender to give us options off the bench. Some combination of Tony Allen, Ronnie Brewer, Marquis Daniels, Dahntay Jones with Kyle Korver, Marco Bellinelli, Anthony Morrow, Keith Bogans. My preference would be Allen and Bellinelli, But I wouldnt be surprised if their teams resigned them or someone else offered good money. For the sake of this post though I got them both lol

At the 3 I would look to sign Alan Anderson, DeMarre Carroll and Chase Budinger. Those three would give me shooting and defense, and none of the three would be too expensive or impose on my next year's draft of either Wiggins or Parker.

At the 4 I would go after David West and Earl Clark. Earl has looked good but I dont think he has done enough to prove he is a legit starter just yet. Maybe after a couple years behind West he could be, and West will also bring much needed toughness and leadership to this young team. For my third stringer I would probably go after Louis Amundson, someone who does nothing but hustle and provide energy off the bench.

I honestly think with Withey's size, strength, and experience he could be ready to start right away, but it doesnt hurt to bring in an experienced vet to learn behind just in case he isnt ready, just like Ive done with Calderon. I would look to sign Chris Kaman and Ronny Turiaf. Kaman has a history of getting hurt, but when he plays he is solid. He knows how to post up and score down low, he can rebound, and he can block shots. If he does get hurt then Withey should be ready to step in right away and Turiaf will bring the intensity off the bench like always.

I thought about going after one of the big name free agents, but I honestly think paying someone like Josh Smith or Al Jefferson a max deal or close to it would just be wrong. They wont be franchise changing players, and they will just take up a ton of cap space that i will eventually want to use on Bazz and Burke for their extensions. And going after someone like CP3 or Howard would be dumb because there is no way they leave their teams for a brand new team, so i settled for inexpensive energy players, young talent, and experienced vets that can give me what I am looking for at a much lower cost.

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Damn you. I didn't steal your

Damn you. I didn't steal your idea.

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lol it's all good man

lol it's all good man

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Columbus Ice

Yes, this subject was done about a year about, but its fun and a year later. So here's my squad....

Team Name, Location: Columbus Ice
Home Jersey: White, Royal Blue (White Ice)
Away Jersey: Black White, Royal Blue (Black Ice)
Coach: Stan Van Gundy

2013 Draft selections:
#1: Shabazz Muhammad
#14: Archie Goodwin
#31 VictorOlapido

Free Agents:
Al Jefferson to a max contract to start at Center
Tiago Splitter at back up Center 4/26mil
David West to start at PF 4/45mil
Andray Blatche back up PF 3/10mil
Kenyon Martin back up PF/C 1/2.5mil
Dorell Wright at SF 3/16mil
Jarrett Jack to start at PG 3/20mil
Jerryd Bayless at PG/SG 4/16mil
Donald Sloan 2/3.5mil
Micah Downs 2/2mil
Chris Wright 2/1.5mil

Salary is around $70million for the 2013/2014 season

Pg: Jarret Jack
Sg: Archie Goodwin
Sf: Shabazz Muhammad
Pf: David West
C: Al Jefferson

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Las Vegas Lightning, our

Las Vegas Lightning, our colors will be Red and Yellow and similar to the design of the Supersonics 05-06 jersey.

Coach - Brian Shaw (He deserves a shot), Ass. Coach - Patrick Ewing

I will start with the picks:

#1 pick = Anthony Bennett SF/PF (Love the work he is doing and hometown kid for my Vegas team)

#14 pick = Trade for Eric Bledsoe (Why not, need a trade in here somewhere)

#31 pick = CJ Leslie PF/SF (Love the work he is doing)

Free agents: I am going to get my team to grow through picks and chemistry like OKC, SAS and IND. As easy as it would be to sell Paul and Howard both sprinting for Vegas I am going with the scenario they stay in LA.

#1 target - Al Jefferson PF/C (He is still only 27 years old and does not rely on athleticism so can see him being very good for another 7-8 years)

#2 target - Greg Oden C (Yeah I went there, if he is healthy he can come in at C allowing Jefferson to be PF and can learn how to play below the rim also to stay healthier for longer. Gotta year to prove he is worth long-term contract)

#3 target - Corey Brewer SG/SF (I love the work he is doing in Denver and think he would be a perfect fit off the bench to provide a spark or even start.)

#4 target - Samuel Dalembert C (Cover for Oden as is good enough to start)

#5 target - Anthony Morrow SG (3 ball's)

#6 target - Dajuan Blair PF/C (Solid role player)

#7 target - Will Bynum (I like the way he plays)

#8 target - Dorell Wright (The forgotten man in Philly, however was very effective in GSW)

# 9 target - Mike Dunleavy (Bit off vet leadership and can offer him better contract than most)

#10 target - Sebastian Telfair (Need a 3rd back-up PG)

C. Greg Oden
PF. Al Jefferson
SF. Anthony Bennett
SG. Corey Brewer
PG. Eric Bledsoe
6th. Mike Dunleavy
Bench: Dalembert, Blair, Wright, Morrow, Bynum, Leslie

This team will struggle for a while, but with Bledsoe, Bennett and Jefferson a solid foundation to build on. Especially good if Oden stays healthy)

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Nobody is trading the 14th

Nobody is trading the 14th pick in this draft for Bledsoe.

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Maybe, maybe not. This whole

Maybe, maybe not. This whole thing is fact don't be that guy. I could easily say that there is no way that Oladipo falls to 31st pick like in the situation above as well. I figure that the Clips will use a lot of cap-room signing CP3 and Donald Sterling is known to do stupid trades. At 14 the Clippers can get a young guy, that fits there salary (i.e Oladipo or GRIII or Goodwin to fill those aging wing positions, still allowing Crawford to come off the bench and light it up)

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Okay....Team name: The


Team name: The Incredible Turnips ('cause I'm an odd duck like that)
Location: I'd try Lexington or Louisville, Kentucky, just because it's a pretty big market full of people who like basketball.
Jerseys: Uh.... Green?
Coach: Brett Brown, Spurs assistance coach and former director of player development and head coach of the Australia national team. Seems like a guy to give a shot, anyway.
Draft picks: I'd hire a GM. Troy Weaver. Assistant GM for the Thunder for the past five years. Was Director of Player Personnel for the Jazz before that. He'd make better decisions than I would, I'm sure.

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Coach, Jeff Van Gundy. #1

Coach, Jeff Van Gundy.

#1 pick: Nerlens Noel
#14 pick: Kentavious Caldwell Pope/ CJ McCollum
#31 pick: Lorenzo Brown

Super up-tempo offense.

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Las Vegas, Kansaa City, St.

Las Vegas, Kansaa City, St. Louis, and Cincinnati are all NBA-less regions that would not only thrive locally but spread a pretty wide region. I'll take Las Vegas since the Western Conference is lacking some true western teams (NO, Memphis). What makes it interesting is that Vegas is only the 43rd biggest tv market and that's what the NBA targets. Sacremento is 20th, St, Louis 21st, Kansas City 31st, and Cincinnati 33rd. Business wise, St. Louis, for fun Vegas. I have no clue what to call it but the Las Vegas Bandits seems fitting.

Starting in the draft I'd take Shabazz Muhammad. He was born in Las Vegas and played there so that'd be great for the association to the city. He reminds me of a James Harden type of player who can relentlessly attack the rim. With the 14th pick, using Aran's mock, I'd take Trey Burke. Young point guards are becoming more common, but to find a guy who can dictate pace and make clutch plays at the end of the game is not a run of the mill commodity. At 31st give me Patric Young. A guy who can crash the boards and provide toughness in the post is exactly what I want on my team. If he can have a Reggie Evans type of impact on my team sign me up.

4 prime free agents I would try to run for would would be Dwight Howard, Al Jefferson, Andre Iguadola, and J.J. Hickson. I need a center in the worst way and an all-pro defender on the wing. Dwight is cancerous to a team and doubt he'd go to a new market so he's out. Jefferson and Iguadola I'd say wouldn't be too keen on signing with an expansion team in their primes either. Hickson seems legit since he's thrived in Portland and has been on the west coast for a minute. I would also try to get Tiago Splitter for a bargain and hope he turns into an Omer Asik type player with more playing time. Keleena Azubukie would be a minimum contract and hope he'd return to pre-ACL form. Eddy Curry has gotten a lot of sh!t in the past but he looks more professional now, plus signing him as a back up center wouldn't be too costly. Sign a 3 point shooter like Daquan Cook, hopefully Corey Brewer, and Jarrett Jack (it could happen). I don't know how many players can be protected in an expansion draft so I won't go through that.
PG- Trey Burke/Jarrett Jack
SG- Shabaaz Muhammad/Daquan Cook
SF- Keleena Azubukie/Corey Brewer
PF- J.J. Hickson/Patric Young
C- Tiago Splitter/Eddy Curry
Target Dakari Johnson in the 2014 Draft and you're off to a great start. I'd love to have a long SF with lock down D potential though. In the words of Marv Albert, YES

Edit: Coach Jerry Sloan. From Salt Lake to Vegas

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Vegas can't havea team

Vegas can't havea team because the sport book, unless they change their state law. Like the idea of a team in Louisville. KC and Cincy neither could support the Clippers which is why LA has two teams. Not sure of St. Louis. As for my Team I would start the Kentucky Colonels back up. With the First pick I have to take Cody Zeller if he comes out. At 14 I would take Olapido. At 31 I take a chance on AJ Mathews. As for a coach I hire Mike Brown. I would try to sign DJ Augustin, Willie Warren, Terrence Williams, Johnny Flynn, Damien James, Joe Alexander, Alexis Ajinça, DJ White, Donte Green, Christian Eyenga, James Anderson,and Craig Brackins. I don't expect to be great from day one but we will be better than the Pelicans or Bobcats.

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San Diego matadors Brian Shaw

San Diego matadors
Brian Shaw coach
Draft pick: b-mac, Austin, withey
Free agents: I'm going after Jennings and milsapp then reddick, hickson, johnny flynn, martell Webster, Whiteside, Telfair, Douglas Roberts, and Brandon rush.
Post: milsapp, hickson, Austin, withey, Whiteside.
Wings: mclemore, reddick, Webster, rush, Douglas Roberts.
Point, Jennings, Telfair, Flynn.

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Flint Tropics GM Will Farrell

Flint Tropics
GM Will Farrell - Let him figure it out

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Team: Purple

Team: Purple Manatees
Location: Paduca, KY
Coach: Mike Budenholzer (long-time Spurs assistant)

Trade 1st overall pick back to the get the the Cavs pick, their Heat pick (late first) and one of their early 2nds
Draft McLemore with the Cavs pick. Trey Burke with the 14th pick. DeShaun Thomas with the Heat pick. I'd trade the 31st pick back for the Blazers' mid 2nds. Draft Mike Muscala with the early 2nd round pick acquired from the Cavs' trade. Draft Solomon Hill and use the other mid 2nd to draft and stash Mam Jaiteh.

2013 Draft haul: Ben McLemore, Trey Burke, DeShaun Thomas, Mike Muscala, Solomon Hill, Mam Jaiteh

Sign: Paul Millsap (4yr 40mill), Tony Allen (3 yr 15mill), Beno Udrih (3yr 12 mill), Brandan Wright (2yr 4 mil), Delonte West (1yr vet min), Tiago Splitter (4yr 28mill), Kyle Korver (3yr 15 mil), Josh McRoberts (1 yr vet min)


Burke/ Udrih/ D.West
McLemore/ T.Allen
K.Korver/ D.Thomas/ S.Hill
P.Millsap/ B.Wright/ J.McRoberts
T.Splitter/ M.Muscala

Stashed overseas: M.Jaiteh

Under the cap to still be a player in the 2014 FA. Suck enough to get a 2014 lotto pick.

2015, we taking over.

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Team Name: Pittsburgh

Team Name: Pittsburgh Quakes
Coach: Brian Shaw

2013 Draft selections:
#1: SF: Shabazz Muhammad
#14: C: Willie Caulie-Stein
#31 C: Jeff Withey

Free Agents:
PG: Jarrett Jack
PG: Will Bynum
PG: Jeremy Pargo
SG: O.J. Mayo (if he opts out)
SG: Dahntay Jones
SG: Reggie Williams
SF: Matt Barnes
SF: Kyle Korver
PF: David West
PF: Earl Clark
PF: Chris Wilcox
C: Al Jefferson

15-Man Rotation

PG: Jarret Jack/Will Bynum/Jeremy Pargo
SG: O.J. Mayo/Dahntay Jones/Reggie Williams
SF: Shabazz Muhammad/Matt Barnes/Kyle Korver
PF: David West/Earl Clark/Chris Wilcox
C: Al Jefferson/Willie Caulie-Stein/Jeff Withey

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I'd love to give Vancouver

I'd love to give Vancouver another chance to have a team, try to get the Grizzlies name back but if not then call them either the Sasquatch or Killers(put the killer whale as the logo). Old school Vancouver Grizzly colors if Grizzlies or Sasquatch, white, dark blue and bright green(similar to the canucks color scheme) if Killers.

Coach: Sam Mitchell


Pick #1: Anthony Bennett, he's Canadian, lots of potential and can play sf/pf, hits threes, solid post game, explosive athlete.
Pick #14: Kelly Olynyk, he's Canadian, has an impressive post game and can hit the jumper out to three, his improvement this year shows that he has a great work ethic.
Pick #31: Myck Kabongo, he's Canadian, exciting young pg with blazing speed, great passer with lots of potential.

Free Agents

Jarrett Jack pg (Calderon if I cant get him)
Booby Gibson 3rd pg (awesome nickname)
go after Reddick, Foye, and Barbosa for shooting guards
Chase Budinger and Alan Anderson for small forwards
make a big push for Paul Millsap or JJ Hickson (not both) for power forwards, Hickson can play a little center too
DeJuan Blair and Dalembert for C, he's Canadian and can still give solid minutes off the bench or even start.

Team (assuming i get my prized free agents)

pg: Jarrett Jack//Kabongo//Booby
sg: Reddick//Foye//Barbosa
sf: Budinger//Bennett(if he proves capable on the wing)//Anderson
pf: Millsap//Bennett
C: Dalembert//Olynyk//Blair

Proceed to tank for Andrew Wiggins...he's Canadian

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