Spurs sign Aron Baynes (Australian big man)

Good signing for the Spurs. A group of us on SpursTalk have been calling for it to happen for a while now, I was pretty shocked and excited that it actually indeed is happening. Big bruiser, I keep hearing 7 footer, he's probably closer to 6'8 with no shoes than 6'10. He's still a great rebounder, good on the pick & roll, and he's got decent hands.

"The Spurs again have gone the international route to restock their roster.

According to multiple reports, the Spurs are close to signing a multiyear deal with Australian center Aron Baynes. The Spurs reportedly bought out his contract for $400,000.

Baynes, 26, currently plays for Union Olimpija Ljubljana in the Euroleague and averaged 13.8 points and 9.8 rebounds, establishing himself as maybe the best big man in Europe. He's a seven-footer, and known for his tough, physical style.

Draft Express reports the deal is for $3.5 million over four years, with the last two years being team options.

Baynes played collegiate basketball at Washington State.

The Spurs currently have only 14 players under contract, including six who are international players."

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We need the size. And what's

We need the size. And what's the update on Ryan Richards? Are they still going to give the kid a chance or give up on him?

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Ryan Richards

It's tough to say. He's got plenty potential, but he's honestly just not very good. And he's doing fairly poorly playing at the level he's currently in. And it's not like he's playing with the best big men Europe has to offer or anything.

I wouldn't rule him out just yet, but as far as oversees prospects goes I think Adam Hanga will be a Spur long before Richards who at this point is a raw prospect who I don't believe has showed any kind of real improvement.

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I must say, Spurs are good at

I must say, Spurs are good at signing good international players, but I am glad to see Baynes get into the spurs, He is really putting a ton of effort, though still raw to this system, but is he is showing off what he brings to the team, that block and the put back shot over brandon haywood really showed that he's strong and big enough to bang. Let's hope he persevere more with this team with more playing time, and that means spurs blowing out opponents.

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