Spurs assistant Brett Brown hired as Philadelphia 76ers new head coach

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Spurs assistant Brett Brown hired as Philadelphia 76ers new head coach

Do not know much about him, though he was the head coach of Australia's 2012 Olympic team and has a lot of international experience. He was an assistant on San Antonio's 2007 Championship team, so has been around the NBA for quite a while. Also coached in the NBL (Australian league), amassing a 149-129 record. The 76ers job is not the easiest one to come into, hopefully he gets more of a chance than Mike Dunlap got in Charlotte with a lottery bound roster. Either way, just wanted to know thoughts or opinions on the 76ers new hire.

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I feel like its always a

I feel like its always a positive when you hire anybody from the Spurs organization. I heard their towel boy almost go the Bobcats job if that tells ya anything..

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Really? Really. REALLY.

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Love it.. We are rebuilding

Love it.. We are rebuilding so it will take time

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As the biggest 76ers homer around I like this hire

As stated above, anybody who worked for the great Coach Popovich and Spurs has something to offer a franchise...

This year will not be a pretty one, but that was the plan when they traded Jrue Holiday and let Bynum walk away scott free...

We all knew the next head coach was inherenting a bad young team with a bright future, but will he be able to develop the young guys like Noel, Carter Williams and Moultrie? Can he max out the potential of Evan Turner and Thad Young? Can he be the guy who finally gets through to Spencer Hawes? Will he be able to make the young guys compete at a high level and make the team attractive enough for free agents???

Lots of questions in Philadelphia, not all will be answered next year, seems like we are a team waiting for this season to hurry up and be done as soon as possible, we desperatly need to find a Superstar in the draft or free agency...

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They should have let Allen

They should have let Allen Iverson coach this year and hoped for 60+ losses....and then done a serious coaching search next off season after making sure they had the best odds to land the #1 pick.

It would have been a win win because we know Iverson needs the money...and we know this team has no shot at the playoffs...but a good coach could keep them from getting a top 3 pick.

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No practices. Ever.

No practices. Ever.

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As an Australian who followed

As an Australian who followed the Olympic team I can honestly say I had no idea this guy was our basketball coach. He probably got fired when he tried to run actual plays when everyone just wanted to throw it to the 7 footers to take 3 pointers in the traditional Aussie way.

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