"The Southern Madison Square Garden"

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"The Southern Madison Square Garden"

Just left the hawks game tonight and melo went off again for 40! It's amazing how deadly and talented a scorer that guy is. Just the real show of the night is the amount of Knicks fans that were in the arena. It was arguably 70% Knicks fans tonight which must be embarrassing for the hometown hawks. As I left I was talking to a Knicks fan from new o
York and he was saying how unbelievable it was that there are so many Knicks fans who turned out and it's almost like a Southern Madison square garden. The hawks fan base has never been that loyal to begin with but this isn't anything new. I've been going to hawks games since I was a kid and every time a superstar(iverson, Jordan, tmac, lebron, etc) comes to Phillips arena the hawks faithful turn against their own. The amount of hate josh smith gets is crazy also you wouldn't know he's from Atlanta. I don't think that organization will ever have a real true fan base unless a legit superstar comes to town and even then it will be a struggle.

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Usually you get that when the

Usually you get that when the Lakers are in town. Hawks fans are notoriously bad, and I say this being from Phoenix, I know fair weather fans.

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Has been fun to watch these past two games and all year for that matter. His jumper is absolutely lethal and with the addition of JR upping is game; the Knicks are for real.

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