South Region

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South Region

In my opinion, the South Region is the hardest to project this year. There's a lot of close calls and I wanted to get everyone's thoughts on these matchups so we could all get a feel for where we think each team is heading into the tournament.

Round of 64:
UNC vs. Nova
UCLA vs. Minnesota
San Diego State vs. Oklahoma
South Dakota State vs. Michigan

Potential Round of 32:
VCU vs. Michigan
UCLA vs. Florida
Minnesota vs. Florida

Potential Sweet 16:
Kansas vs. Michigan
Kansas vs. VCU
Florida vs. G'Town
UCLA vs. G'Town
Minnesota vs. G'Town

Potential Elite 8:
Kansas vs. G'Town
Kansas vs. Florida
G'Town vs. Michigan
G'Town vs. VCU
Florida vs. Michigan
Florida vs. VCU

Not only does this bracket have hard first round matchups to predict, but I think it's the hardest to predict for the following rounds as well. I'd consider taking Minnesota over a six like Butler or Memphis, but UCLA has Shabazz who could go off in the tourney, but they also just lost Adams which adds in another element that makes it hard to predict. Everyone loves Wolters, but can he upset Burke and the Wolverines? The UNC/Nova matchup is a tough one, but I'd personally give a slight edge to Nova.

Weigh in on however many games/potential games you want. I just want to see what the majority opinion is for the South Region.

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I agree with you. Over the

I agree with you. Over the last two days I've been constantly switching up my South region up.

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Minnesota is my sleeper to go

Minnesota is my sleeper to go far in that region.

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Lots of people are picking a

Lots of people are picking a VCU-Michigan upset, but, as a helpful tip, if that game comes to fruition, it will be played in the Palace of Auburn Hills, where the Pistons play, in Michigan, and it is only 45 minutes from University of Michigan. As a result, that will essentially be a home game. Also, not in the south bracket, Michigan State will most likely be playing that same day in the same place, which will be filled with U of M fans, so Mich State will probably get booed pretty bad.

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