something is not right with the NBA regarding Anthony Davis

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something is not right with the NBA regarding Anthony Davis

The biggest loser here is the Pelicans and it is not fair. Around the league, its pretty obvious that AD is going to join the lakers and lebron in free agency. So, now here you are as the Pelicans, an already unattractive destination for free agents, and your stuck. AD's trade value is shot given these circumtances. Sure, they can trade him to Boston and get assets, but there is now way Danny Ainge is going unload everything to get him knowing he'll probably bounce the next season. I'm all for players making choices and going where they want, but this is borderline collusion and it hurts small market teams. What do you think needs to be done in these situations?

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They need to trade AD to the

They need to trade AD to the lakers and move the Franchise to Seattle.

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I have no remorse for this

I have no remorse for this franchise. They have been blessed with two superstars since I can remember Paul and Davis and have failed to build well around those two. Bad move after bad move.

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Kind of Harsh

Toronto has had VC and TMac and failed to do anything as well.

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I don't see the issue here,

I don't see the issue here, don't really get your point. You have a superstar caliber player who's been in one place for 7 years, his entire career, and you haven't been able to assemble anything close to a contending team during that time.

Sure, they've had bad luck with injuries, but everybody did. Instead of building organically, through the draft, with a number of cost-controlled assets, they were hunting for what they thought were 'win-now' moves like trading for younger veterans who were on the brink of signing long-term extensions (Tyreke Evans, Eric Gordon, Ryan Anderson, Jrue Holiday).

That way they clogged the cap space that could have been used to collect more assets in exchange for taking on bad contracts. Not to mention that the team might have benefited of a couple more years of going for high picks, especially with AD being injured often.

That's all without even mentioning more recent moves like giving up pick for Omer Asik, and then rewarding him with that ridiculous extension. Or giving guys like Moore and Hill combined 25 mil. per season through 4 years. Even that Hield-for-Cousins trade looks bad in hindsight, could have had 10th pick in 2017 (Mitchell, Z. Collins, Monk, Adebayo) and Hield who looks legit.

They wasted/traded basically all of their first round picks starting with Austin Rivers and it came back to haunt them. 18 months removed from his free agency, it's only natural that he's being linked with a trade to a franchise that has the most assets right now. His value will never be higher.

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The team is poorly managed, we wouldn't have this conversation if let's say Ainge was running this team.

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It was bad luck that New

It was bad luck that New Orleans bet big on Cousins and then saw his achilles go. Perhaps, one can argue that they should have looked at themselves as being pot-committed on Cousins, and tried harder to find a deal that would have worked knowing that he likely won't play more than a handful of games, but their situation this season would not be better for it. One can't forget the regard in which New Orleans was held last spring. It is not as if this has been an unambitious, incompetent organization. If the league had expanded to Seattle and Las Vegas this year, and New Orleans was shifted to the East (and boy would it be a dogfight with Memphis for who would get that treat), the team they have would be right in the mix. Now, this doesn't mean they aren't going to deal Davis next summer. I think they will, but there needs to be a little more fairness about what has happened.

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It's like the New Orleans

It's like the New Orleans Pelicans are being impeached.

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If Lakers do get AD that is

If Lakers do get AD that is finally the payback Lakers deserve for the NBA nixing the CP3 trade to Lakers back in the day.

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I would neg neg this twice if

I would neg neg this twice if I could.

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The Pelicans will never get

The Pelicans will never get equal value for AD, but I still think their best idea is to open him to the market now & see what offers come your way.
There is a few big name franchises in positions to offer quite a bit fo AD & they'd be getting him for at least a year and a half, but I'm sure if the Boston/LA gets him it'll be for longer than that.

Unfortunately you've got to move him earlier than you'd have liked, but the are falling out of the playoff race quite rapidly & that's not going to get it done.

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It's hard to feel sorry for the NOLA ownership / Franchise

The Fans - Absolutely - I hate to see the fans of Any franchise lose their top Super Star However, you must look at the full picture

It's true the NBA is clearly the Most difficult American Pro Sports League to win a Championship due to the nature of the sport & what that means is that Super Stars aree able to Dominate the landscape for Long periods of time

For Many Franchises there is No hope to sign a Super Star Max Free Agent - for the vast majority of teams they must get "Lucky" in the Draft & land a Super Star

But once they do get that "Lucky" Break & land a Super Star the Ownership / Management MUST take advantage of it!

New Orleans IS one of the "Lucky" teams b/c they did get AD!!! But they have made a serious of Poor decisions since that have Hurt the franchise -

The San Antonio Spurs were Never a Free Agent destination but when they landed Tim Duncan (I know they tanked but they still got "Lucky" pulling the #1 pick) - The Spurs management / coaching staff made Smart Long Term moves that built that franchise into a Dynasty for 15 years

Or how about the Golden State Warriors! During the Rebuild they actually Missed on their Highest Lottery pick when they picked Ekpe Oduh #6 over all in 2010 but when Memphis & Minnesota passed on Steph Curry in 2009 Golden State grabbed Steph Curry & built a Monstrous team around him thru the Draft & there are many other examples both good & bad

It is def unsavory to see the top NBA franchises poaching great players from mid level teams but U can't blame the players for wanting the freedom to choose in FA - they earned that & we certainly can't blame the other teams for wanting to get their hands on Any available Great players

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The Pelicans should try to

The Pelicans should try to get Ingram and Ball from Los Angeles. If they can, it's a coup.

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It isn't about Davis leaving,

It isn't about Davis leaving, I don't feel bad for them for that. It is the way he is pinned for the Lakers.
The media is talking about it 24/7, when a team like Boston has more assets to get him, and they are still big market with great core and coach in the easier conference which NOLA for sure would like to see AD there.

It just seems the media is trying to force AD to Lakers, which I honestly don't fee right. I think he deserves a better team, but NOLA even with bad management don't deserve to be bullied

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It all depends on what you believe is fair or not....

As mentioned above their management staff in NOLA is trash I have been on the fire Demps train for so long as he just comes across as stupid..He fired Monty Williams after making the playoffs and giving the guy an average roster which couldn't stay healthy in the slightest..Then replaced him with a coach that doesn't really fit A.D's Skillset in the slightest in Alvin Gentry(don't get me wrong he has done alright with roster given)..He overpaid trash F.A's and overpaid Jrue Holiday(he is good but his current contract good though?)..He let Cousins go for nothing instead of offering even a Jabari parker type deal(1+team option on 2nd year) which would have at least given them an asset to trade or try rebuild around if they did move A.D..This is without even mentioning all the draft fails post A.D...

Any how do I feel bad for the Pelicans if he does do a P.G,Jimmy Butler or Kyrie maybe as it always stings losing you First bigtime Franchise player for not as much.. But if I had to trade him these are the options I would consider if I was them...

If you want to do good by A.D as he has given them 2 full term contracts with no player options..

Lakers-Ball,Ingram,Hart,KCP(to make numbers work),Hart and Multiple picks(top 5 protected). You do this if you like a package of youth and picks... The only catch is he is still out West which would make this a bit of a hard trade to make...

OKC: Adams,Abrines,Jermi Grant and picks sourced from else where.... You do this deal if you want to do A.D a solid and let him go play with his friend Westbrook who he is apparently tight with this also doesn't let him go to the lakers and would sort of be the middle finger to Lakers as both P.G and A.D would end up on OKC not the Lakers lol.. The least likely but sort of like a Spurs Demar Derozen or PG for Oladipo like trade..

Boston-You could get an Taytum,Horford,Terry Rozier and multiple picks sort of deal from them and this move sends him out East to the Lakers rival which would be a trolling sort of move by the Pelicans...But A.D goes to a well run franchise with a good coach so sort of a thank you also...

If you hate A.D and want to troll him like Pop did to Kawhi...

Trade him to Cleveland for K-love and Multiple picks you would do this after they have secured a top 3 pick first though lol..As I don't see even A.D getting any big names in there...

Trade him to the Washington for Beal,Picks and Morris then Parlay Beal+ something to Lakers for Ball and Ingram.. Which would be a troll sending him to Wash and then Beal ending up on L.A...

If the don't mind keeping him out West: Kat,Dieng and another deal for A.D straight trade...Both sort of win but I don't know if A.D would like Minny cold winters ...

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Sadly, Time to Pack it up

I would posit that while AD would prefer to stay and compete for a title in New Orleans, the extenuating circumstances are just too overwhelming; small market, poor attendance, bad management, un-ambitious ownership....It just all adds up to a franchise in disrepair. As much as I would never advocate moving another team (as a Hoops fan from Western Canada, I had to endure the double heartbreak of losing both my local teams, the Grizzlies and the Sonics) it just seems that the Pelicans time in N.O. is coming to an end.

Unless someone blows the roof off with an A.D. offer. Then who knows.

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If I were the Lakers

I offer up either Lonzo or Ingram plus some picks. AD will join another star player. NO would be well to get a young guy and try to buid around him again. Third times a charm

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Poor Management

The way the team has been built and the style of play has not maximized ADs talent. I would initiate a massive fire sale.

- Trade AD for Ingram, Ball, Hart

- Trade Jrue Holiday to the Suns for 1st Rd picks

- Focus on developing the young talent and building through the draft

- Pray for Zion or Barrett to fall to them.

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as a fan, i love seeing

as a fan, i love seeing players stay with one team and battle through the thick and thin with that franchise. But as for reality, what more can the nba do here? Players have the right to go where they want. Davis hasnt even hinted at leaving new orleans yet we the fans and the media take off with it as fact. I have a bigger problem when guys try to force their way out and give up on their teams like kyrie irving threatening to have season ending surgery if the cavs didnt trade him and jimmy butler sitting out games and cheering with the opposing fans when the wolves were losing. If davis fullfills his contractual obligations and fights to the very end before leaving as a free agent, what do you want more from the league?

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I agree 100%. If someone

I agree 100%. If someone fulfils their obligations contractually and they decide to leave, whether we like it or not it's their choice. If they fail to fulfil their contract (see Leonard: Kawhi), I have a much bigger problem.

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If NOP are annoyed with all

If NOP are annoyed with all the talk about AD going to the Lakers they can certainly refuse to do a trade to them and there would be suitors for AD even if it would be a possible one year rental. PG13 resigned with the Thunder and Kawhi had good trade value in summer 2018.

The Lakers would certainly probably need AD by next summer or they would look elsewhere for a FA to go alongside LBJ. They couldn't really afford to wait another year as LBJ would be 35 going on 36 in summer 2020 when AD becomes a FA and he'll have more miles on the clock by then.

If Lakers put the NOP a trade proposal I'd say we'll only do a deal if LBJ is included!

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